RSG7000 Etrically Operated Roller Shutter Garage Door

With the rising popularity of the Roller Garage Door in the UK, RSG Security provides the one which is just perfect for you as a homeowner, accompanied by five key benefits. It is the ideal choice for you if you are looking for a high performance and quality product.

1)      SECURITY

If protecting your house is your main priority, the RSG Roller Garage Door possesses the necessary features to hinder easy access and potential threats to your garage where appliances, vehicles and expensive tools are usually stored. The 77mm security shutter door foam-filled core, fittings -which eliminate gaps- and an auto-locking system combined, make up a tough barrier to resist unlawful access to the weakest point of your property. Burglars would be deterred by the lack of handles on the door, too, which means that the ease of entry to your property is further diminished.


The RSG7000 Electric Roller Garage Door not only protects your property against intruders but also against natural hazards. The Insulated, double skinned roller door ensures that it is Heat, Sound & Draught proof. There is no transmission of heat, such that your house will be comfortable from the minimized heat loss. In addition to thermal insulation, the RSG shutter door equally provides acoustic insulation. It operates in a smooth and silent manner which will not be annoying at night. Draughts or strong winds will no more affect your house thanks to the rubber seal on the bottom rail and integral brush seals. RSG is actually among the few manufacturers who make use of polyurethane insulation.


Another key benefit is that it provides ease of operation. Equipped with a handy and specially encoded Remote control , you can manage any movement of your door with a single flick and click! In addition, it has an inbuilt courtesy light along with the remote key fob and push button control. In the case of a power cut, you can have the backup of a roller door motor in the form of a manual winding mechanism, operated from the inside of the garage.


Primarily, you are given a choice of standard, colour or woodgrain effect finish to suit all tastes and style. Besides, the RSG Roller Garage Door has high product longevity and requires low maintenance so you will enjoy a durable product while minimizing costs in the long term.  Moreover, instead of swinging out, garage doors slide up into a neat roll above the opening, thus saving space both in and out of the garage. Certainly, you no longer have to fumble for your garage door keys when you are back in a hurry, in the rain or in the dark.

5)      SAFETY

Furthermore, our RSG7000 garage shutter door offer the latest market leading, photocell technology to protect what is most valuable to you. Therefore, complying with all current legislation is a given for RSG Security. Indeed, a safety beam in the opening of the door will simply stop the door from rolling and retracts to avoid hitting a person, a pet or an object which hits the sensor.

It is imperative that your garage door offers an effective level of security. Installing an RSG Electric Roller Garage Door allows you to have peace of mind and stay safe in your house, among many of its advantages. For further info, please visit our RSG7000 Roller Garage Door product page and get in touch via Our Contact Page for a no obligation survey and quote in the London surroundings.