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Living on your own does not have to be any more dangerous than other types of living situations. With some precautionary measures, you can ensure that even if you are alone at home, you will always be safer than houses.

The most primordial tip for living by yourself is to remember to #1 lock up – whether you are in or out of the house! Always keep your windows and doors locked, as opportunists never waste a second to creep into a house, especially an unoccupied one – or worse: a house that is occupied by a single defenceless and clueless owner.

The good (and bad) news about living alone is that the whole house is yours- which means cleaning up and #2 house maintenance is solely your responsibility. No matter how arduous the task, make it a must to inspect the house for security leaks, and keep both, a toolbox and first-aid kit, within hand’s reach. Some simple maintenance issues such as a weak doorframe, a faulty latch, a broken window pane, or misplaced keys welcome burglars in, since they will not even have to ‘force’ their way in. Limited sets of keys and lack of roommate blunders can decrease your chances of burglary, too.

Another simple yet important tip is to #3 close the curtains or pull the blinds. Just as the general public is advised to keep their doors and windows locked, it is again of heightened importance for you as a lone-dweller to avoid informing burglars that you are living on your own. Close the curtains whenever possible, irrelevant of when you are at home or not, and decrease your chance of becoming easy prey to a break-in by those burglars who know how to follow people’s routines and riches.

Just like you apply the principle of locking your house, in much the same way, learn to #4 lock your smartphone and limit social media posts– which contains your email accounts, giveaway messages from family and close friends, with your personal details. Learn to close the curtains around your social media as well. Better be safe than sorry socialising online via your smartphone and apps, which may track your information and ‘inadvertently’ post them online. It is not the best idea to let the whole world know where you are, when and with whom (with no one at all at home and absolutely vulnerable-the perfect target! Burglars invisibly and inconspicuously hit the Like button straightaway!)

A related tip is to #5 keep your smartphone charged and easy to access (paradoxically to keeping it locked at all times) in case of emergencies. This can come in handy when the burglar has cut your telephone line. Just be prepared in the case that you panic; smart-dial may be useful. It is therefore also necessary to avoid having complicated passwords that will only complicate your situation. Imagine a circumstance where you have an armed robber facing you, while your smartphone requires your PIN- that you forget under the stress- or that super-complicated-and-cool lock-screen pattern, which you cannot draw with your sweaty fingers to be able to call someone on your contact list to be your life-saver. “Face Unlock” will only probably not be the best method, either. On the other hand, it might help to learn the different methods of urgently unlocking your phone in emergencies, depending on your phone model, beforehand.

Having another living being in the house can serve to make you feel less lonely in your house, but a trained animal can equally be a burglar deterrent. Loyal dogs can be your best friend when you are blue, and also be your superhero when you are threatened. Thanks to their acute senses and natural instincts, a pet’s reaction is often the earliest sign of danger. #6 Get yourself a cute dog who knows how to cuddle you while being ferocious to strangers!

It can be interesting to #7 meet the next door neighbour! Knowing your neighbours (and your neighbours knowing you) is one of the best and easiest security systems ever! Needless to mention it is completely free, and brings you the benefits of gaining new friends aside from your cute, ferocious dog! They can help you feel less lonely and be just as ferocious if they see a stranger. Remember to share an emergency number with them and inform them when you are away so they may keep an eye on your house. They can always inform the police if they hear or see something unusual. And you can always return the favour – which helps you all to have a great neighbourhood watch and remain safe.

The best tip remains installing #8 home security systems. Never hesitate to invest in some worthy security gadgets such as a peephole, additional locks and keys, and upgrading further to security doors, shutters, grilles & gates, in addition to alarm, camera and light systems, as well as security apps on your phone, such as Panic Guard.

Do not compromise enjoying living on your own for your security- being Home Alone, afterall, is about being proactive and having fun while being secure. If you live in London and want us to provide a complete installation service, please RSG Security Contact Page.