It is a worldwide fact that burglars are constantly on the hunt for easy targets. Every week, we come across the heartbreaking news of an elderly person being a victim of a burglary attack within their own homes. In order to help our community and stop these ‘heartless and coward’ creatures, RSG Security has put together some useful advice and tips for the elderly.

1. The best way to keep safe is by securing your property. By ensuring your windows, doors and patio doors are secure, this will minimise the risk of being a victim. By installing security grilles inside your windows and patio door, an external door gate on your front door and burglar bars in small toilet windows, these could stop yourself from being seen as an easy target, increase the safety and security of your property and provide you with the peace of mind you need.
Check with the housing department as you may be entitled help from your local council towards paying for these security improvements.

2. Intruders are mainly after one asset: cash. Keeping your money in the bank, especially where large amounts are concerned, will provide you with peace of mind that they are safe. We have heard enough of how our elders get tortured to get safes opened, so having a safe at home is not the best of idea.

3. Beware of Bogus Callers!!! Do Not let strangers into your home.
Beware of maintenance / service man turning at your door. Do Not let them in. Even by showing their id, they can still be not the person they are saying they are. It is highly advisable to call their employer and check their details before letting them in. Give a password to their employer and ask him to call them and tell you the password before entry.

4. Get to know your neighbours and keep a good relationship with them.

5. Ensure good exterior lights around your property. If street lights have been burnt, call your council and let them know.

6.  Fit a door chain and a spy-viewer on your door.

7. Never give personal details such as bank details or debit/credit card information to strangers either by phone or at your door.

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