UK map showing UK's worst burglary hotspots


While burglary is a misfortune that does not spare almost any region across the United Kingdom, it is somehow rife in specific regions only. Burglars tend to prefer some areas over others, which may be good news if you are not residing there. Earlier this year, the website’s survey revealed the top areas where you are most likely to be a victim was London (8 out of the top 20 postcodes), Leads and Bradford (for more detail, see our post: The Top Burglary Hotspots in UK)

Urban areas are mostly targeted as burglars have a preference for higher density areas since there are greater chances for robbery and fewer chances of being caught as it is easy to blend in with the residents without appearing unusual and creating suspicion. The high proportion of home insurance claims for burglary in these areas seems to denote that they are burglary hotspots, too. After all, living in a burglary-prone area will prove to be costly not only for living in fear of being burglarised, but also for the higher home insurance costs. The insurance comparison website found that it tends to increase insurance premiums by around 20% – or around £30 a year.

Yet, a recent article published in the Mail on Sunday unfolds that the higher burglary claims do not qualify those areas as burglars’ favourite areas-these claims cannot be taken as an indicator for crime overall. In fact, thieves also tend to target wealthy residents or regions quiet, where the risks of being caught are lower and the rewards greater. It has been found that even unlikely areas are becoming rife with offences-statistics show a figure of 40 at the Belfast suburb, 229 at the Belfast City Airport, both earning third worst postcode for crime. Furthermore, the Muckamore Abbey Hospital, Antrim is tagged as the worst postcode for violent crime with 677 offences.

Therefore, making your residential area burglar-proof is a must, whether you are in the danger zone or not- in any case, utmost vigilance is required. Some pessimists may argue that it is tough to deter burglars once the latter have chosen their favourite spot to burgle. Yet, there is no need to despair if you are regrettably on that unfortunate part of the map depicting the riskiest regions. The following measures will ensure that your property is secure:

  1. Upgrade to steel doors with British Standard locks (BS 3621).
  2. Invest into a sleek and secure roller shutter garage door.
  3. Fit appropriate locks on garden sheds and external storage units.
  4. Enhanced ground level’s double glazed windows with high quality security grilles.
  5. Install 24/7 alarm, surveillance camera and lighting systems.
  6. Keep both valuables and petty items out of sight – burglars are interested in both, as the latter may help him gain access to your property. Furthermore, mark your valuables with a UV pen, by engraving or by photographing.
  7. Practice defensive landscaping by planting thorny shrubs or use gravel for walkways.
  8. Remember the security and safety of your home before going away on holiday.
  9. Store documents safely away to avoid being a victim of identity theft.
  10. Ensure all windows and doors are locked at all times, even when being away for five minutes.

Taking these anti-burglary measures will not only give you the feeling of being safe, but reducing the risks of a burglary also means reducing your home insurance premium. If you are worried about the safety and security of your home, please contact RSG Security on 0208 123 1088 for your security products requirements.