Insurance is one of those things we all wish we could simply stop paying for, no matter what aspect of your life the extensive amount of required coverage is infringing upon this week! Be it contents, car or credit insurance, it’s one of those things we have to pay and deal with. However, there are, of course, ways to reduce your insurance premiums, little contributions that will go toward chiselling away at that overall price, and here at RSG, we have one solution that will not only make for a more pleasing insurance quote, but also one that will effectively safeguard your property and your possessions!

Roller shutters are one of the toughest and most robust types of insurance-approved security doors, whether you’re looking for a safe, domestic garage door to protect your car, lorry-sized shutters for large industrial units, or a way to safeguard your commercial shop front window, there’s a whole range of applications that deliver untold security to your premises!

Naturally, better security means a happier insurance company, because they’re less likely to have to make a pay-out. Roller shutter doors have been stress-tested in a huge variety of situations over the years and have consistently come out as one of the strongest, most attack resistant solutions around. Made up of a host of individual parts, the final piece is almost impossible to breach – with no handle for leverage, and an inherently loud clashing noise coming as a result of any physical contact, especially of a violent nature, getting past these doors is simply not attempted by most intruders and thieves.

Shop windows are prone to be broken, noted as a source of weakness by any malevolent burglar, and so protecting these with a set of roller shutter doors should dramatically reduce contents and other similar insurance policies!

Alternatively, our range of certified security grilles RSG1200 & RSG1400 provide the guarantee to bring down your insurance premiums. Certified to the industry standard LPS1175 Security Rating 1 by the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) and classed as a ‘Police Preferred Specification’ under their Secured by Design initiative, our certified security grilles may be the answer..

With a huge range of finishes for your domestic solutions and a host of commercial variants that will suit your specific requirements no matter what you wish to protect, here at RSG Security we’re proud to bring you only the best quality, at great prices from a company you can trust. To save money on your insurance, and protect your premises, pick up the phone to us today!