security-grilles-and-door-gatesThe majority of residential burglaries are being caused by those who are searching for opportunities to make easy money, and with the minimal effort, while recent statistics show that two out of ten robberies are through an open door or window, without the need to use force.

Firstly, your door entrance is your first barrier of defence against potential intruders, and if these entrances themselves are not secure then neither is your property. It may sound surprising, but a massive two thirds of burglars gain entry through a door, and for decades we were told to focus on the use of extra locks, door chains or cheap door alarms.

However, what many people fail to realise is that 8 out of 10 burglaries are opportunist, and the primary psychology behind security is first and foremost a ‘visual deterrent’. After years of visiting burglary victims, we have observed some security products perform better on different areas of your home. RSG Security is happy to share their findings and they are briefly listed as follows:

– Internal Security Grilles on outward opening doors and External Door Gates on inward opening doors;

– Security Grilles on patio doors;

– Security Window Bars or Security Window Grilles on Windows.

We highly recommend the use of any security products internally, though where it is difficult to achieve this, we would advise to have security door, gates or 16mm/20mm window barsĀ  fitted externally. A mixture of RSG security products, a cost effective burglar alarm system and some dummy CCTV cameras could go some way to providing you with genuine peace of mind.


To conclude, homes without security are seen as an ‘easy target’, so to secure you home effectively, please contact RSG Security today on 0208 123 1088 or via our online contact form.