How to report a crime in UK?

With the spiralling crime rate in the UK, represented by a recorded figure of 3.9 million in England & Wales for the period 2011/12, it is important for citizens to be involved in deterring criminals. Besides crime prevention and security measures, it is equally significant and efficient to report a crime. Of course, by sharing information you have about a crime that has or may be committed, or about someone involved in committing a crime, you can help the police solve crimes and help prevent future crimes from taking place. 

Reporting a Crime: Why?

  • You or someone else may need protection from the person who committed the crime.
  • It can help to protect you, your loved ones and community from future crimes.
  • It can give you an opportunity to deal with the harm done to you or others.
  • When police are called as soon as possible, there is a better chance of arresting the person responsible.
  • Your report may stop someone from committing another crime.

Reporting a Crime: When?

  • Life is at risk
  • Crime/trouble is happening now
  • Someone is injured or threatened
  • Person committing crime is near
  • Examples: Theft, Criminal Damage, Hate Crimes, Missing person,

Reporting a Crime: What?

  1. State Which service you require- police/fire/ambulance/coastguard
  2. Explain briefly What is happening.
  3. Describe Where it is happening- house number, street, postcode, or nearby landmark.

If you are sending a message or mail rather than a voice call, try to keep it as short as possible.

Reporting a Crime: How?

  • Call 999. The three-digit saviour is the best solution if you or someone else is in immediate danger or if the crime is in progress. However, it should be noted that the call should be made only in emergency situations. See our previous post Dial 999 and Wait…
  • Call 101. In the case of non-emergency issues, it is better to inform the authorities via this number. This service is available 24/7 and costs 15 pence/ call, regardless of the length or time of the call.
  • Call 0800 555 111. If you want to pass information anonymously, these are the correct numbers to be dialled without hesitation. One person every seven day is charged with murder thanks to information passed to Crimestoppers. Besides a Guarantee of Anonymity, there are rewards involved.
  • Call 0800 595 000. The Customs Hotline is available to hear from you about smuggling.
  • Call 0800 789 321. For the confidential anti-terrorist hotline, this number will allow you to privately report any such activity.
  • Call on +44 20 7230 1212 or 020 7230 1212 if you are an International Caller.
  • Minicom Service/ Text. The typewriter device is a facility for those who are deaf, deafened, and hard of hearing or have speech impairment. The alternative to the 999 call is the text phone on 18000, or the 18001 101 instead of calling on 101. Otherwise, registering your phone allows you to send the EmergencySMS such that these citizens can easily contact the UK 999 directly. Simply text ‘register’ to 999 and follow the instructions.
  • Report Online. Some websites also feature step by step Anti-Social Behaviour, or simply Report a Crime Forms.
  • By Email. You can contact your neighbourhood policing team by sending them an email with the proper information.
  • In person. You can drop in at your local police station and report the crime there. You can find the address and telephone number in the local telephone directory or on the internet.
  • Third Party Report Centres. If you are a victim of hate crimes, such centres are available across England and Wales for your support.


Do not delay in taking action and wait until an emergency happens. Being a step ahead of criminals by sharing the appropriate information at the right time is definitely going to make a huge difference in how the authorities can help. It is also worth noting that failing to report a violent crime could result in preventing you to get compensation afterwards.

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