Granted, a retail shop cannot have as tight security features as a bank or shopping centre such that customers have to face several checkpoints, though it faces just as much danger of being vandalised. Fortunately, we still have a solution to allowing your potential customers easy and unhindered access to your shop and products, while also making the latter absolutely inaccessible to shoplifters.

  1. Though security guards might be useless in front of your shop, surveillance cameras can most definitely help. Indeed, its use has escalated to a figure of 1.85 million along with the increasing rate of crime fears in the past decade in the U.K. Having a CCTV facing entry and exit points, the cash register area, the section where the most expensive products are displayed, and even the storeroom can help the police nab the denying criminal with precious proof. Moreover, place decoy cameras in plain view and hide the actual one in the case that the shoplifter is clever enough to try to destroy any proof of his activities. Also, keep your video tape away from stealthy hands. You can further install a hidden camera outside the shop which could capture suspicious people before they can get into action, or even when the robber is escaping in his car with its licence plate in plain view.
  2. The next equipment that is equally necessary to have is a security alarm, which is active at night especially. Emergency buttons should be located at strategic points such that it is handy when shoplifters make a frontal attack.
  3. Moreover, it is of utmost importance to have control over your Inventory. The storeroom should be kept locked as much as possible, such that the need to frequent the storeroom is eliminated, and thus is the risk of being shoplifted.
  4. Another requisite control is over access. Only authorised employees should be allowed in the office or vault areas, which are to be closed so that customers or would-be robbers are not lured into having illegal access and tempted to steal.
  5. Then, secure the points of entry/exit to your shop. The doors and windows should be hardened with the right material or locks rather than inviting opportunistic thieves.
  6. Having the proper signs is also important. “We prosecute for Shoplifting” has the same effect of “Beware of shark” sign-thieves would not want to test the warning.
  7. Monitor and assist your customers without necessarily following them around. Thieves do not go around with a tag that they are about to shoplift. In addition, it is impossible to discern a thief from his appearance. A suspicious, dishevelled patron could be more innocent than a well-dressed, classy woman concealing the stolen merchandise in her oversized purse.
  8. Take care of your money. Never keep huge amount of cash around to encourage shoplifters. A safe might be useful as long as you keep it just as safely, too. The cashier’s view should also be kept unobstructed so he can always observe the customers.
  9. Position yourself and your employees where you have a wide field of view. Thieves are no less than those action movie heroes who know how to magically yet actually slink against walls, avoiding the alert camera’s watchful eye and yours as well. Do not take chances even with cameras and cover all possible areas yourself as much as possible. Be the superhero shop owner on the lookout for these black-masked villains. Greeting them is, in fact, the first line of defence.
  10. Finally, ensure that your shop is adequately lit. Lighting is just as scary to vampires as is it to those similarly dangerous shoplifters. These shadowy creatures-the shoplifters, obviously- are attracted to a shop where no one can watch their crimes.

Retail theft prevention by investing in the proper safety measures is your priority if you want to avoid the huge losses of shoplifting.