messy room after a burglary

If you seem to think that lower crime figures equal zero risk…Think again! Certainly, optimistic tidings about the falling burglary trend in the UK may persuade you to let your guard down. Unfortunately, that improving rate does not really mean that burglars have altogether disappeared from the area. As a result, some citizens are still falling prey to obstinate and opportunistic burglars who regrettably do not form part of the 9% decline.

As a burglary victim, it is inevitable to be both financially and emotionally affected. Dealing with the after effects of a break-in requires poise and patience. The following tips may be helpful in these situations.

Dos & Don’ts

  • Inform the police
  • Alert your neighbours
  • Check if documents or gadgets that hold personal information are missing- such as bank cards, cheque books, passports, birth certificates, driving licences, laptops and mobile phones.
  • Inform the authorities concerned if any important documents are missing.
  • Get a crime reference number from the police to claim insurance.
  • Try to talk about it with family and friends to feel less vulnerable and to deal with the stress.
  • Refrain from touching, cleaning or tidying anything before the police inspection.

Yet, one most important advice remains: Increase your Security. Indeed, it’s no use crying over spilt milk-whatever security measures you overlooked will not bring back your stolen possessions. However, some good can be taken from a burglary incident. Henceforth, you can analyse the reasons for the burglary being a success and the measures that should be taken to avoid a repeat burglary.

  • Check the access points used during the burglary, and ensure that the entryways are henceforth barred and secured, by installing the proper security products to protect your property, namely security grillesroller shutters and security gates.
  • Install anti-burglary devices if there were none and put up warning signs. It is never too late- nine out of ten burglar alarms are actually bought after a burglary.
  • Verify if there is any existing device or fixture that is defective.
  • Verify if the existing devices are all switched on- especially surveillance cameras or alarm systems.
  • Ensure that all new and prior devices function.
  • Register your possessions at Immobilise-you can recover the burgled items and the criminal could be caught, too.
  • Check any other possible weak points that could have benefitted the burglar and amend them: lack of lighting, tools lying around, hiding spots, eliminate shrubbery or similar obstructions.
  • Additional notes: Keep valuables out of sight; Do not leave any doors or windows unlocked no matter how temporarily you will be absent; and never announce that your house is unoccupied.


Following the above advice will definitely be helpful if you are a victim of burglary-though it must be kept in mind that the declining burglary rate can be deceiving. So, stay cautious and stay secure by contacting RSG Security on 0208 123 1088 for a quick quote to secure your homes and businesses effectively in the UK.