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You would probably know how annoying alarms can be when that shrill sound wakes you up, hauling you out of your dreams in the morning. However, there is something even more infuriating, though fortunately it is not targeted at you, but rather at criminals! Indeed, there are also safety alarms which can be the worse sounds a criminal would want to hear in their own nightmares…Technological progress will never fail to surprise us- and it has actually brought about a security solution in the form of a personal alarm on your smartphone!

Founded in March 2011, PanicGuard had in mind the safety of individuals who might be victims of potential crime, which eventually lead to a fall in crime rate. The following points might convince you about why you should be using Panic Guard already:

  • First of all, it is the first app approved by the UK police that guarantees its efficiency.
  • Then, the user is provided with instant personal security as soon as he activates the PanicGuard alarm, which can be easily downloaded from its website.
  •  In addition, the PanicGuard App has an interesting variety of pricing plans that would suit everyone- from lone workers to students – including one in limited edition for free.
  • The app’s features are quite advanced too, as they encompass alerts through modern networks such as Facebook or Twitter, or Real-time Video, or even the “PanicGuard Pulse”.  It turns your smartphone into an all-in-one GPS tracker, audio/video evidence gatherer, as well as a personal alarm that criminals dread so much.
  • PanicGuard has multiple functions as it can be used as protection when you feel insecure and nervous, in cases of Domestic Abuse or Medical impediment, on your way home from work, at night, and being attacked or stalked.
  • A full live 24/7 tracking is possible in spite of the alarm not being activated, as long as the app is simply switched on.
  • Moreover, since there is the high probability of your phone being damaged or stolen during an attack, PanicGuard still has the counterattack, by automatically and securely uploading the real time video footage to its site, which is accessible to your emergency contacts or for future use.
  • Furthermore, with the PARC response, one shake of your phone sends the alert not only to your emergency contacts, but also to the Crimestoppers ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) who contacts the local police to come to your aid once your situation is confirmed by experts.
  • Yet another amazing feature of the app is its Stealth Mode; as soon as the alarm is off, it turns your home screen to its normal look such that the attacker is fooled into thinking that the alarm has stopped and there is no threat. Actually, the automatic video is then launched to capture and hold proof of the assailant’s identity.
  • Finally, the GPS tracker can be used to protect your phone, too- on the off chance it is misplaced or stolen.

So, get your ultimate PanicGuard App ASAP and it acts as your Guardian angel! Or it makes you feel no less than James Bond, with safety at the touch of a button, ready for the criminals looming in the dark. For a more ultimate security solution, be it your home or business, please see our range of steel security doors, roller shutters and security grilles and gates.

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