cheap to implement home security ideas

Costly camera surveillances and complicated alarm systems among many other expensive devices are what most people would translate as the best security option. Alas, all that glitters is not gold. In other words, appearances are deceptive, so fancy things may actually not be that much worth the expense. Of course, it is common belief that cheap stuff do not last long and thus, people are rather faced with no choice but to go after the glittery stuff. Think Again! In fact, some practical, cheap solutions can be far more valuable that those high-tech gadgets. It might simply not come to your mind immediately and are the least obvious ideas, but there are such inexpensive methods that can efficiently deter burglars:

First of all, consider having a sturdy door- it is after all, the first line of defence to your house. A hollow one might as well be inviting the burglar inside, like the “Welcome to our Home Sweet Home” plaque above. Reinforcing the door frame adds a great deal of strength to the entry system. Also, replacing the thin metal plate and small screws with a high-security steel strike plate is just as worthwhile, as they will grasp the framing and provide better resistance to a kick or slam. In addition, an intruder can effortlessly lever open the door by popping the hinges with a simple pry bar. Using stainless steel hinges with bigger screws can solve this problem, while adding an extra hinge significantly strengthens the door.

Needless to say, burglars can magically unlock doors using several techniques, including lockbumping. In other cases, a simple screwdriver can do the trick, and the burglar can access your house as easily as you would unlock your door with a key. Therefore, it is highly recommended to invest in locks. A deadbolt lock for instance, is difficult to breach as it is a heavy duty type of lock, installed separately from the door handle lock. The dead-lock, aka the exit-only deadbolt is a deadbolt that does not have an external key. Its mere presence will immediately discourage burglars as their tricks will not work on this one. The combination of locks and a sturdy door with the appropriate plate and frame turns your door into an impregnable entry-point.

Moreover, you could actually try a few tricks yourself. Leaving your house vacant means giving opportunistic burglars a victim. In order to avoid becoming their prey, it is necessary to create illusions that the house is not unoccupied. You may do so by leaving the television play in the background, though a radio is a better option as it consumes much less power. Besides, you may place the radio in a range where burglars can actually hear the sounds from a distance and assume they are the muffled voices of the occupants. Another trick that can be handy is the use of light timer. These low-priced gadgets have the function of turning your lights on/off at varying times of the day so that any passer-by may assume that the house is occupied. Another useful and inexpensive gadget is the motion detector light- it is a sensor that detects movement, while avoiding being triggered at the neighbour’s cat having a night stroll in your garden or any mere movement. Never let outsiders know whenever you are temporarily out or on holidays, by having someone pick up your mails or tidy your garden once in a while.

Furthermore, it will cost you even less to keep your own belongings safely, out of easy range of burglars. Engraving your items with a unique identifier can help, too, in the case that your stolen items need to be identified and recovered. Finally, maintaining your property is of utmost importance if you want to avoid high expenses and insecurity. Since a wooden door especially, can be weakened by weather or insects, it is highly advised that proper care of the concerned fixture and fittings is taken.

The few little things that can be done without costing a lot of money will definitely protect your house from burglars, though the latter may indeed scamper at the sight of an ordinary sign “This property is protected by Video Surveillance”-even if there is actually no camera around! If you have concerns about your home security, please get in touch with a member of the RSG Security Team via our contact us page.