a reminder of donating safely in Ramadan to muslims in UK and around the world

Indeed, “The best charity is that given in Ramadan”, as the Prophet (peace be upon him) said. It is the month where most Muslims strive even more to perform good actions, in addition to the daily prayers and fasting. Zakat, that is, obligatory charity, should be given in a certain way that our left hand doesn’t know what our right hand has spent. Since it is said that charity should be done almost secretly, there are unfortunately higher risks of the charity ending up as something else. In fact, many would not dare refuse to contribute to a charity fundraiser, including door-to-door fundraising. Therefore, only 2 in 5 donors make checks before donating, which leads to vital funds being misdirected to fake collections rather than to deserving charities, as mentioned by the Chief Executive of the Charity Commission. Hence, any donor should be equally well aware of the security involved in this generous act.

First, ensure that charity websites are genuine. Needless to say, there are so many ways to donate nowadays, such that it is much easier to do this rightful deed. For instance, there are online donation sites like ‘JustGiving’ and many more, which promise easy and secure donation. However, it is important to always check before donating, especially as you could have received any phishing email or link requesting a donation. Search online to check if you have the correct web address. Bogus websites are prevalent during times when people are expected to make donations, such as calamities, or precisely during the fasting month. Besides, such fraudulent sites, not unlike other online transactions may even end up with your personal details, leading to yet another issue of Identity Theft.

Then, do not hesitate to ask the collectors for more information, including their registered name and a landline contact number rather than simply a mobile number- if they are really genuine, they should also unhesitatingly respond to your queries concerning the fundraising. Fundraisers are also expected to carry a licence, a sealed collection tin and an ID badge so you should be wary of these details. Never feel pressurized about donating on the spot. If you feel doubtful, it is preferable to donate to a source which you are more confident about.

Moreover, there are helpful sites available now, so you can always check before giving; you can verify the charity’s name and registration number or radio and television appeals whether or not they are secure. Besides, if you come across an illegal appeal or collection, do report it to the concerned authority, such as Action Fraud or inform the Charity Commission.

Don’t let your good intentions and actions go to waste. Make sure that you are donating to a truly charitable cause by following the necessary precautions. Keep up the benevolent act by donating confidently, as well as safely during Ramadan.