fake cameras fame security ressage to UK homeowners and businesses

Nowadays, coming up with all sorts of anti-burglary tactics is a must considering the spiralling crime rate. Individuals are ready to try every possible option, invest in myriad sophisticated and up-to-date equipment, and hope those savvy and equally up-to-date burglars do not know how to go beyond those well set barriers with their tricks. So, some people have even tried to experience with a few magical tricks themselves. Indeed, if they were going to resort to every possible solution, they might as well try to do it with the same efficiency though at the least cost. A trick that is tried and tested by many is the use of cameras. Though unlike those high-tech, high-priced cameras that are ubiquitously marketed, these are fake cameras. These fake cameras aka Dummy Cameras, are non-functional gadgets designed to deceived intruders rather than vice versa. They range from fake plastic toy-like devices to disguised motion sensors including flashing lights or pan-tilt motion. It is worth knowing that some shops even sell the fake counterpart of their security cameras product range.

Definitely, fake cameras can be useful. Just like we feel jittery with all those CCTV cameras being installed everywhere in UK-even though we could not know whether all of them are real- it is no less different for those thieves. The additional features available with those fake cameras such as LED lights can actually fool burglars, too. Moreover, these fake cameras could be handy in the sense that they could be used to distract the robbers from the real cameras! By avoiding the fake cameras, they could be looking right into the real one, and you do not run the risk of having the real and costly one destroyed if the robber is clever enough to sabotage those only you know are simply scarecrows.

To the point of being overjoyed by its benefits, we should however not ignore its potential drawbacks. Unfortunately, the bad guys are as resourceful as you are. They also have the common sense to realise that such gadgets do exist. Imagine a shack or cottage with around 10 white discernible security cameras guarding the property. Obviously, even though such shacks do preposterously possess those huge satellite dishes nowadays, even a robber is not stupid enough to believe that a low income earner, no matter how paranoid, would be able to afford so many futuristic high-tech gizmos that can be seen in those action-packed movies. Of course, an upper class home in a decent neighbourhood would not at all make the robbers dubious about the cameras’ authenticity. Yet, in this case it would also mean that you can simply afford and install a real camera instead. Furthermore, a security camera without any attached cable can easily be recognised as fake. In addition, signs and window stickers which are normally great deterrents against robbers become useless and even a give-away, since those sly burglars can discern between the fake and the authentic signs immediately. A security company would rather sell you more than just the sticker if you happen to have the idea of purchasing the original signs only. Besides, your battery running out and switching off that deceptive LED light only means that you are taking chances about inviting burglars.

All in all, fake cameras would eventually lead to fake security. Now, it is up to you to use the best possible and feasible security measures or try as much as you can to convince the clever burglars that those fake cameras on your property are real. On the contrary, there is more to cameras when it comes to protecting your property. Here at RSG Security, we offer a wide range of door security and window security products, which do not just act as a deterrent but also specialised into defending your homes and business against the bad guys. Speak to our team on 0208 123 1088 for more detail.