According to recent government statistics, there were approximately 55,000 fires in dwellings and other buildings in England last year, and this brings us to an obvious conclusion that fire safety is fundamental and something that you should always bear in mind, be it for your home, office or the workplace.

blazing fire burning down a retail outlet


Here are our top 5 fire safety tips for the workplace:

  • Reduce risks that may cause a danger. 

Waste paper, flammable liquids, damaged electrical cords and hot liquids stored close to machinery/computers are extremely hazardous, and so by being cautious about these, you can reduce the risk of causing fires in the work place.

  • Emergency training and being prepared in the event of a fire

Ensure that all staff members are fully aware of the emergency procedures at work, and this will include a firm evacuation procedure which is crucial in making sure that everyone gets out safely. A committed and trained safety officer should be utilised to take control of emergency situations, and it is important that you make sure that both you and your employees understand exactly who to call and what to do during a fire.

  • Do not ignore building  regulations

Rules and regulations are there for a reason, and the fact that around 55,000 premises were burned down in the UK between April 2011 and March 2012, clearly proves the importance of abiding by these regulations. It is important to remember to conduct regular fire risk assessments and drills, while all fire escape routes should be kept clear at all times.

  • Fire protection equipments

Eliminating hazards in the work place is not the sole solution.  Always make sure all smoke alarms are working correctly (ensure batteries are replaced and checked on a regular basis), fire safety equipments such as fire extinguishers are operational and, most importantly, are clearly marked and easy to reach.

  • Preventing the spread of fire

Prevention is better than cure, and products such as fire shutters, doors and curtains can help to reduce the spread of fire in any business. The loss of goods and overall damage to your premises is a heavy price to pay for not having the right product within the building. For competitive quotes on fire shutters for retail, commercial or industrial premises in the London vicinity, please contact the RSG Security team on 0208 123 1088.