five basic security mistakes easily made by homeowners in the UK

When you think you have taken all the necessary measures against potential intruders or criminals, some minor mistakes could actually be welcoming them to your ‘well-protected’ house. Burglars nowadays are cunning enough to look at all possible opportunities to get into action. Because RSG Security cares for your security, making sure you avoid the basic mistakes you could make- as outlined below- is also our responsibility.

  1. First off, the most obvious yet the most common mistake is improperly blocking access to intruders. A door or window is easily the best point of entry for burglars. You make it even easier for them by leaving the doors and windows invitingly open or unlocked. It has even been reported by criminals that the burglary had been luckily effortless considering that most home owners commit the mistake of leaving these entry points open and accessible. The excuse that we hear most are misplaced keys or broken locks and leaving the house only temporarily, thus obviously being neglectful of home security. Unless you are careful about only letting invited guests in, the uninvited ones will just slip in unnoticed.
  2. Then, not unlike the magpie, burglars are equally attracted to bright objects. Keeping your shiny coins, glossy TV and other hi-tech gadgets along with glittering jewellery is bound to attract robbers- even though this might be the last thing on your mind. Unknowingly placing your valuables near see-through windows or in plain sight advertises them to passers-by. Ensure that they are stored in a safe and concealed place, while avoiding to leave your keys in the lock, or even in your car’s ignition system. Besides, it could be helpful to fit a wheel clamp to deter thieves.
  3. Yet another inadvertent mistake to make is to leave your documents on display or at hands’ reach of criminals. Indeed, once a burglar gets hold of your personal details, it is similarly simple to break into your house using these same details. Burglars or bogus callers know how to rummage through your rubbish bins. Therefore, always remember to shred unwanted documents, such as bills, statements, receipts, or mails.
  4. Furthermore, leaving insignificant worthless items that seem to have little value could be dangerous too. Certainly, burglars would not be interested in stealing your rubbish bin-unless it is a golden one- or your ladder, garden tools and huge potted plants. However, it can be a serious drawback to you when burglars make use of these same trivial items to effortlessly gain access to your property. In that case, they do not even have to master ninjitsu to get into your house.
  5. Finally, announcing your absence from home is definitely a huge mistake. Burglars consider it safe to enter a dark and unoccupied house, enjoying the hiding spots and having the whole house to themselves. You should always leave some lights on, as well as instruct your neighbours to park on your drive or collect your mails and milk bottles when you are away on holiday, so that burglars are unaware of your absence.

Hence, before these minor mistakes turn into major consequences with both emotional and financial impact, make sure you avoid them by taking the proper solutions for a secure home. Furthermore, to find out how to secure your home effectively, call RSG Security on 0208 123 1088 and our friendly staffs will provide the correct advice in securing your window and doors.