great home saving insurance tips by RSG Security

The current economic climate has transformed everyone into rational and price sensitive individuals. Alongside an alarming burglary rate, homeowners are having the utmost concern of taking a home insurance where the least costs are incurred, while having a proper coverage. Indeed, home insurance is not easy on the pocketbook as insurance premiums have been constantly on the rise year by year.

However, having your house cocooned in a protective shell would mean that you are avoiding costs in the long term, when unexpected and uninvited visitors damage your property, as well as take valuable items under your roof away. Unfortunately as a building owner, you are not limited just to an intruder attack, a fire would be just as disastrous, and so could a flood, snow, subsidence, bursting pipes, falling trees  and natural disasters out of man-control.

To ensure you are getting maximum protection, spending time into acquiring an appropriate insurance cover at a reasonable price is well worth it. Other than just shopping around, checking consumer guides, insurance agencies, or online insurance quote services to find the right policy at the right price, the most obvious way is to guarantee protection by making your home less prone to risks and attacks. This will definitely lead to discounts, as insurers tend to charge a lower premium if it appears that the house is less liable to be damaged or demolished.

Some useful tips and tricks can be a feasible way to reduce your risks, which automatically reduces the costs, ensuring saving on home insurance:

  • Primarily, as a responsible head of the family, you must re-assess the security on your property. Security grilles on larger windows, security bars on smaller window openings and security gates on your doors alongside burglar alarms and CCTV cameras could be the ultimate solution. Speak to your security grilles and shutters specialists to seek the correct advice and help about home security.
  • Fire cannot just damage your house but it kills. Ensure safety measures are in place such as an easily accessible fire extinguisher, smoke detectors are powered up appropriately (always check the batteries regularly), fire-resistant siding and indoor sprinklers are at easy reach in the event of a fire.
  • Additionally, no-burst stainless steel hoses and leak detectors, while replacing water hoses, could avoid leakage and flooding.
  • A roller garage door and double glazed windows not only help to reduce insurance premiums, but will also provide better heat insulation, which will help in keeping your utility bills down.
  • Having a tough roof with quality, asphalt shingles would see to it that less or no damage during stormy weather and strong winds.
  • In addition, insurers know that a constantly vacant house becomes a magnet to burglars and hence, damage. Besides, if no one is at home, a leaking pipe, for example, could become problematic as the clear-up costs will be much greater.
  • It could also help to have a backup generator at home, while improving your electrical systems. Faulty electrics cause around 7,000 house fires across the country every year.
  • Home insurance companies generally raise their rates when there is a smoker in the household – when there is smoke there is fire, leading to higher risks, so kick the smoking habit; Other than saving on the premium, you will equally save on the cigarette costs!
  • Moreover, do let your insurer know when you are retired as your house is less likely to be affected by burglars- unfortunately for them- when you are constantly around, and also as you are bound to have more time to spare for home maintenance, thereby decreasing your house to be accident-prone, along with your premium.

The above points raised will not simply save on home insurance, but also make your family feel happier and safer at home. Remember to inform your insurer about any changes and upgrades done. This would potentially encourage the latter to increase your overall coverage and decrease the premium.

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