five home security mistakes


Aside from the five simple tricks to Enhanced Home Security that are essential to any homeowner,it is equally important to identify the possible mistakes that are inadvertently encouraging criminals to your home.

Nowadays, your identity and life are almost public knowledge with the proliferation of social networks, websites and blogs- especially if you have a large network of friends and not-so-close-friends. You can never be too cautious of what information you share on the Web. Burglars no longer have to limit themselves to night prowls as they can ‘safely’ access your details or even your property during the day since you mentioned- or more precisely, cyber-bragged your location and much more. In fact, 78% burglars in UK use Facebook, Twitter, online tabloids, Foursquare and Google Maps to target a potential property. Home Security & Social Media Reminders have to be constantly borne in mind, considering their importance these days.

Moreover, your mailbox or any documents lying around your property may contain information of your identity. Tech-savvy thieves only need to find your phone number online and call to see if anybody is home. Ensure that your mailbox shows only your house number, and any document bearing your identification and contact details are properly shredded and destroyed before it is thrown away.

What’s more, stray animals rummaging through your garbage can be a nuisance to your property, but a bigger threat are burglars. Although boxes in the bin are empty, they are still conspicuous since they advertise the contents-and a potential prize-which are in your house. Rather than inviting opportunistic burglars, keep the packaging of expensive products that is destined to the trash inside until garbage day.

Another erroneous yet common practice for homeowners is to hide a spare key under a welcome mat or plant pot…and burglars know this. Always leave your spare key with trusted friends or neighbors.

Furthermore, be careful of bogus callers. They come in the form of simple civilians such as sales representatives or service people who are just as convincing as the Big Bad Wolf.Modern intruders do not need to be disguised with flour and chalk or even masks, hoods and dark clothing. You do not want to be fooled by big bad burglars like the Seven Kids were. Install a peephole and never allow an unidentified individual inside without first confirming their identity.

These home security tips will help make your home much less of a target to potential criminals. By combining them with the necessary gadgets and security products, like those available at RSG Security, you can feel safe in your home sweet home.For more advice check out 10 Clever Home Security Tips and keep an eye out for our blog updates, as RSG cares for your security.