room which is so messy that it looks like it has just been burgled

Though unconsciously, housekeeping actually plays a significant part in keeping you safe! Of course, keeping a house clean is not only a matter of comfort, health or vanity. The echoed phrase “cleanliness is next to godliness” has some truth in it. Indeed, by properly cleaning and maintaining your house, you avoid many ‘traps’. Be it dramatizing, yet no one can deny the pain of the mundane-yet-harmful objects, such as the tripping over an open bottom drawer, or of the notorious Lego lying around waiting to be walked upon. However, there are more notorious things around your house that should be kept at bay.

Those dangerous creatures roam around your house, and unless it is well-kept and maintained, you will become an easy victim. Below are some Housekeeping suggestions, that follow can help you boost your home’s security from trespassers:

  • First, keep your belongings organised so burglars will not be tempted to steal those scattered valuable things, which can be obviously seen through the window. Besides, just imagine your room being a clutter that you would not even see the difference, had it been burgled!
  • In addition, taking care of any cracked windowpanes, broken windows, doorknobs, or locks ensures that the burglars cannot get inside your house as simply as your guest.
  • Proper lighting also means the intruders have nowhere to hide and stealthily prey on you. No matter how well you know your own property, darkness will not necessarily be on the house proprietor’s side if a burglar wanders in. So get those broken light bulbs or damaged cables changed, while installing light fixtures in dim areas.
  • Also, avoid storing equipment outdoors, especially if it is in a jumbled fashion. Leave them in a shed or cabinet neatly stacked, so burglars cannot see what you have and cannot effortlessly have access to them.
  • Then, promptly get rid of useless stuff which turns your yard into a graveyard. Old furniture and fittings undoubtedly attract thieves just as much as dogs are attracted to old bones. Keep the outdoor areas clear so that the burglars do not enjoy hiding spots.
  • Moreover, turn the landscaping to your advantage. Burglars could even hide behind your flower bushes better than camouflaged soldiers. Pay attention to your garden by trimming the bushes and growing thorny plants, especially around the bottom floor windows.
  • Finally, get those brush strokes across the ceilings and walls. Painting your house not only gives it a refreshing look, but also removes burglar-inviting graffiti. Choosing the correct tone or colour can equally increase the effectiveness of lighting and improve visibility. Furthermore, taking a picture of graffiti before erasing it and showing it to the police can help them catch the offenders.

Thus, review and guarantee the safety of your house and your family with thorough maintenance. The mundane little things can, actually, be more meaningful. After all, housekeeping is the key to safety- you will keep the Lego bricks, but most importantly, the criminals with their tricks away. To find out the impact of renovating your windows and doors and free decorating ideas for your home, see home decorating ideas.