a message to raise the concern to property owners of how burglars think

According to recent statistics, a home is burgled every 37 seconds in the UK. Constantly bullied with burglary news, understanding how a burglar’s mind operates can be the crucial piece of information you need to avoid being the next potential victim.
Fighting burglary and crime is easy when you know your opponent’s strategy.

A Visual Deterrent

Highly known as an opportunist crime, intruders target premises which offer quick and easy access, which means, the primary task of any property owner is to evaluate how secure are their doors and windows. For instance, the actual psychology behind a security grille fitted on a window is a ‘visual deterrent’. Physical security products put burglars off as they simply make it time consuming for a break-in and intruders will simply target a ‘less secure’ property.

Time is Money

Time is one of the most valuable asset in any burglary attempt. Every burglar knows this: the longer it takes to get in and out, the less time they have to steal and a higher chance of them being caught! Since time plays against a burglar’s strategy, a property owner need to take the right measures to maximise this factor by trying to slow them down. Many at times, simple but effective measures can be put in place such as placing a heavy flower pot underneath a ground floor window can make it more difficult for someone to gain entry.

The Noise Factor

Research has shown that the more noise a burglar generates while attempting to break into a building, the higher are the chances of them being noticed.  A combination of alarms, window bars and door gates can be the exact ingredients in deterring a criminal. As a building owner, you must ensure your premises is secure and is not seen as an ‘easy target’.

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