landscaping security ideas for the homes

For sure, a big barking dog, sophisticated security gadgets and up-to-date locks will definitely contribute to your home’s safety. However, a rather straightforward method of providing security to your property is easily overlooked by many. In fact, the area that surrounds your house is also very much part of your property and plays a big role in its overall security. Burglars-be they opportunistic or professional-always look for the ease of accessing your property by checking out or more precisely ‘scoping’ the neighbourhood for the most vulnerable target. In fact, they have their own cunning techniques such as the recently back-in-vogue “Da Pinchi Code”, whereby burglars-probably inspired by the Ali Baba’s forty thieves-mark the targeted property with a chalk symbols that could easily be mistaken for housewives drawing washing instructions on walls, or kids learning geometry on the streets…

What could make burglars draw the “Nothing Worth Stealing” circle with a cross symbol over your walls?

  • CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)

If your property design is burglar-proof, it will be a major deterrent to would-be burglars. Through CPTED, natural surveillance can be developed by creating landscape designs that provide surveillance. Then, there is Natural Access Control by selectively planning your landscape to limit access or control flow. Finally, Natural Territorial Reinforcement is defined as fences, lighting as well as landscaping can be used to keep burglars at bay.

  • Flora and Fencing

No, you do not need to go find those fictional carnivorous man-eating ones!  Natural Security Products can be very useful. Simply beautify your garden with fences made of climbing roses, Blackberry vines, or by growing the Berberis, the Hawthorn, as well as the Rosa Rugosa plants. Besides, do not give burglars the opportunity to hide or camouflage with tall hedges and trees, thick shrubbery, or large flower bushes and pots; maintain and trim them regularly. If the children play hide-and-seek without being easily detected, then the burglars won’t be either-especially when it is dark.

  • Natural Alarm

Even though security devices are definitely promoted as the best barrier to burglars, better not take the risk of a tech-savvy burglar, who knows the tricks of destroying or dismantling your alarm system. Intruders will not be able to avoid the automatic sound of their footsteps on the gravelly yard around your property.

  • Possessions and Presence

If you blatantly show that your lawn is unkempt, your plants untrimmed, your garden is littered, this obviously sends an invitation signal to burglars as they get into action when you leave the house to them. Using proper lighting, timed sensors and other little tricks can con outsiders into thinking that your house is not vacant. At the same time, leaving tools such as ladders or hammers around can help them in. Similarly, they can learn of life simply by looking at your possessions-toy trucks or bicycles can depict the value of the stuff you own, and they know they will find better inside the house. Of course, it should not be too difficult for the observant burglars to know that the house is that of a family, which must include a woman, who owns jewellery- one of burglars’ favourite items.

Indeed, it is essential to keep it up with the high-tech security gizmos or other security products and services. Yet, practising defensive landscaping is highly recommended if you want to deal with burglars who are proficient at advanced technology and techniques such as lock bumping. In any case, chalking your wall with a circle and cross yourself could be worthwhile too!