a strong sign to draw the attention of the British community about property marking

Territorials are referred to animals of a specific species which are known to defend their territory against conspecifics. Not unlike territorials, human beings are also known to protect their property. However, the method of doing so differs significantly, of course. While territorials use Scent Marking, Visual or Auditory, people generally tend to use sophisticated gadgets and tricks to dispel outsiders. Besides the obvious usual protective barriers around your property, an efficient way to keep unwanted strangers away, or dealing with any such breach, is by Property Marking.

Property-Marking: Why?

  • The chances of tracing your lost property and getting it back are higher.
  • Criminals cannot easily ‘cash in’ your traceable property to a willing purchaser.
  • It makes your property less attractive to burglars who would not want to steal something that can be easily identified by the police.


Property-Marking: How?

  • Using the Postcode

Writing, stamping or engraving the security postcode onto items of property may be useful as a fundamental deterrent in some circumstances. Merely mark your postcode followed by the house number or name on your chosen property. Although this method is easy and cheap, it is not the most efficient one and should be followed by alternative methods.


  • Photography

Probably the easiest and cheapest way to mark property is to take photographs of your property in as much detail as possible for the possibility to identify and retrieve the property.


  • Engraving/Etching

Simply use an electric engraving tool to leave a permanent mark on most hard surfaces that will prevent burglars from taking away an item with your name etched on it.


  • UV Pen marking

Another easy way is to use a UV pen to mark-and renewed- your postcode and house number or name on your property, which is invisible to the naked eye, i.e to any burglars. Stickers d to illustrate that this method has been used should be displayed to the police, who have access to UV lights.


  •  Ceramic/Titanium Marking

Not unlike UV pens, ceramic marking pens allow you to mark on items such as china and glass without damaging the surface; the effects for this marking however do last permanently and does not need to be renewed.


  • Electronic Marking

The Immobilise website, being the world’s largest free property register, as well as similar websites, offer the opportunity for any house-owner to register their property online so that the police can check electronically in the event that they find any item in possession of a criminal or left in the location of a burglary. Therefore, if your mobile phone or bicycle is lost or stolen, it can be identified once you have had it registered online.


  • Damage Marking

Landscaping can be further improved with painted and marked garden equipment, power or heavy electrical tools. Identifying and deterring thieves if one benefit, while another plus is that the latter will have a hard time trying to hawk these items whose resale value is reduced.


  • Forensic Marking

Harmless solutions containing forensic code, such as a Microdot, DNA or other Chemical Marking, can be used to easily identify marked items that help the police find anything or anyone they have been in contact with. Forensic Tagging, via the Red Web Technologies, is also another option, whereby their forensic tagging products provide irrefutable evidence linking criminals to crime scenes helping to improve conviction rates and provide a strong deterrent to criminals. Please see the details of member companies accredited by the ‘Secured by Design’ body at http://www.securedbydesign.com/companies/companies.aspx?category=20&companyname=all


  • Specialist Marking

Marking valuable items like jewellery or antiques can be difficult and could reduce their value. Marking and valuation services are now available for these specific types of property that can be recommended by a good quality jeweller or antique shop.


  • Police Offered Marking

Crime Prevention Officers recommend the ‘Secured by Design’ Property Marking kits which include warning labels to would-be burglars, costing in the range of 15 pounds. Officers can further advise regarding Property Marking and offer some supplies left after locally funded initiatives, even though they do not have ready access to etching, stamping equipment, kits or Warning labels nowadays. To find out more, please visit http://www.securedbydesign.com/professionals/tracking.aspx


As long as you follow the Standards for property marking products and services as per police approval, you can ensure securing your property from incursions by intruders.