thorny bushes are the best natural security products


Homeowners are constantly advised on the particular ways to prevent criminals from targeting their properties. Of course, there is an innumerable list of gadgets, especially considering the constant progress in the field of technology. There are always new and innovative means being devised to tackle crimes and hold burglars at bay. However, the most obvious preventive technique might have been looking at you in the face while you never used it to your advantage, and to the burglars’ disadvantage. Hence, many people tend to overlook a very efficient yet easy way to protect their property-Natural Surveillance. The key to that is to practice defensive landscaping, which is a part of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design).

Indeed, hide-and-seek is the favourite game of burglars. After all, burglars have the first aim to burgle, and the second to do so undetected. So, maintaining trees and bushes around the house will keep away potential burglars as they have fewer places to hide. Burglars could even hide behind your flower bushes better than camouflaged soldiers. In addition, an overgrown yard invites opportunistic burglars who mostly plan to visit your house when it is vacant. Pay attention to your garden by trimming the bushes and growing thorny plants, such as the Berberis plant, especially around vulnerable bottom floor windows. Climbing roses among many others will not only beautify your yard but will also give burglars a nice reminder to prevent them from becoming recidivists-besides they would not want to leave behind any clothing or blood as proof.

Similar to the Hedge, which was once considered a monster to the little creatures in “Over the Hedge”, or Edward Scissorhands’ topiaries, you could equally turn your hedge into something more than just a plant. Burglars could also be intimidated by the mere presence of this barrier between your property and their stealthy feet. This natural fence of planted shrubs and bushes easily provides the very first protection against outsiders. For instance, Berberis is the natural barbed wire that is actually valued for crime prevention as they are very dense and spiny. However, the hedge should not be too tall to act as a hiding spot for intruders, so it should be no higher than 3 feet in the front garden. It also allows you to have a clear view of passers-by and detect any suspicious person, or allow your neighbours to see in case anyone breaks into your house, especially while you are away. Other useful plants are the Hawthorn, or the Rosa Rugosa, which not only provide tight security but also embellished your yard with their pretty and fragrant flowers.

Furthermore, using gravel as walkways or under windows can be a good deterrent. This will immediately announce their presence while they do not want to be spotted so they will avoid a house where such landscape exists. At the same time, they can warn you of any intruders. Moreover, remove exterior objects including wheelie bins, ladders, crowbars, and trellises that can inadvertently invite and aid those who devise any possible way to gain entry.

Certainly, the best way to deal with burglars effortlessly and efficiently is through natural security. Yet, it is advised that you do not overlook the man-made obstacles, such as security grilles and gates, alongside sensors to ensure full protection of your property.