If you think that only bats and owl are prowling for a prey while you and your family are catching some Z’s at night, then you really need to wake up! There are also marauders who creep around to find their perfect victim-the one who is careless enough to neglect home security. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you guarantee the safety of your family by following the below procedures before bedtime.

a burglar peeping through a window with no security

  • As a first precaution, ensure that your property has appropriate lighting. Burglars have the odd vampiric trait of enjoying darkness-though for not entirely the same reasons!-to hide and stay unnoticed. Motion sensor lights are also very effective deterrents as they activate in case any intruder lurks around your house.
  • Another factor that plays in favour of these miscreants is simply the hardware that is innocently lying around the house- ladders, hammers, big potted plants, wheelie bins, or trellises can be helpful to potential burglars, so keep them out of sight and out of reach!
  • Moreover, it is highly advisable that you keep your valuables where they cannot be easily seen and attract cat-burglars. You should also draw your curtains or blinds to prevent intruders from evaluating your worth and even plan a future burglary fully equipped.
  • In addition, secure all your doors and windows, including those of your vehicles, garage or outer buildings such as sheds, by checking that they are always properly locked at night. Further ensure that they are the best barriers against burglars by installing security grilles and gates so that you can have ventilation without foregoing safety. Always maintain the locks and keep the keys safe yet handy in case of emergencies.
  • Besides, regularly check that alarms and surveillance systems as well as sensors are constantly functioning to avoid danger against trespassers, fire or carbon monoxide. Keep in mind that natural hazards are as dangerous and unpredictable as criminals, and escape routes should be prepared.
  • Furthermore, show every member of the family how to turn alarms and sensors on/off in case they access the house at different times so that it does not trigger any false warning or you can be sure in the case of an impostor that it is not simply the case of the children being up to some mischief.
  • Finally, for advanced protection, use the help of neighbours to keep an eye on your property and vice versa. A neighbourhood watch program is definitely a strong burglar-repellent similar to how police patrolled the streets.

For more information about securing your castle, please contact RSG Security on 0208 123 1088 and with the correct safety and security products, you can sleep tight inside your fortress!