burglar summary by rsg security


This article gives an overview of all that you need to know about burglaries and their perpetrators in the event of having to face them someday- for the danger exists no matter how much the figures may be shrinking in size. The attacks may be faced by less people, but it does not mean that the latter face any less trauma or damage.

Burglars’ Victims:

Burglars are usually opportunistic criminals who are simply jumping at the chance of nicking the belongings that you inadvertently advertise to them. After all, burglars- like most rational individuals- seek the easier way out and look for properties where they can almost effortlessly commit crimes undetected.

Burglars’ Favourites:

However, burglars do tend to prey on specific categories of people: students, the elderly and movers; these people have to be twice as cautious, and aware of security measures.

Burglars’ Trap:

The following guidelines should be put into practice by all home owners, especially by the most vulnerable ones to ward off burglars:

  1. Always keep emergency numbers at hand to notify authorities in case you suspect any trespassing.
  2. Burglars can be deterred or caught if there is an efficient and operative security system, in the form of cameras or alarms, especially if you are most prone to become a target.
  3. Avoid leaving a spare key under a flower pot or doormat: sadly, burglars know about this. Also, refrain from inscribing your address on the key in case you lose it. It is highly advisable that you make proper use of your keys in any case. Burglars report that doors and windows are often left unsecured or worst yet-wide open! Invest in good locks for all entry points. 20% burglars do not need to use any force to gain entry.
  4. Install security gates across all passage ways on your property, as well as security grilles on your doors and windows, with the proper fortification, that will increase the security of your premises along with your peace of mind, while upgrading to security locks on your doors such as BS 3621.
  5. Keep all windows and doors locked when you are away or asleep, and gates padlocked.
  6. Temporarily leaving the property for a random errand does not make anyone burglar-proof. Quite the contrary, this is precisely when the criminals strike and take students’ high-tech gadgets or the elderly’s valuable antique.
  7. Grow thorny plants underneath ground floor windows, as they are the most vulnerable entry point of your house, and keep hedges high enough so no one can jump over, while you can still see any potential trespasser.
  8. Store garden tools, ladders or similar items that can aid burglars gain easy entry to your property and store valuables rather than leave them on display to tempt criminals. In addition, taking pictures of, or marking your belongings, especially the costly ones with your postcode using an ultra violet marker pen can help you restore them in case they do get stolen.
  9. Light your property; burglars like other creatures lurking in the dark prefer to remain in the shadows and would keep away from bright areas where they can be detected.
  10. Make your house look occupied even when you are not there, as burglars take this particular opportunity to get into action.
  • Install security lights, or radio on a timer switch and disconnect your phones.
  • Cancel subscriptions
  • Count on a neighbour or relative to park on drive, open/close curtains daily, collect any deliveries and keep your garden neat.

Burglars’ other behaviours

Students and old people should be wary of who they let in, even though they might be smartly dressed, helpful handyman, the lost passer-by, or even coming in the form of a collector, allegedly carrying an ID, and even someone who might be following them in a building. The Wolf & the Seven Young Goats fable might remind us of the consequence of opening the door to anyone without really making sure who the outsider is. Bogus callers know how to fake their appearances just as efficiently as the Big Bad Wolf, and you might not be as lucky as the rescued kids! A door chain and a bulls eye are useful additions to your door security in these instances. In the case that you feel unsure about a caller’s identity, rather than take the risk, ask any caller to come back later, and only allow entrance when you have made arrangements for a trusted family or friend to be with you. If he/she is genuine and trustworthy, he/she will understand the extra precautions you are taking and will readily accept to do as requested.

Furthermore, people who are moving houses should be constantly vigilant-you do not want to go to your new- but empty house, because the moving van suddenly disappeared. It is, after all, an emotional phase in your life that may leave you defenceless while you concentrate on all the hectic procedures involved in moving to another environment. However, it is of utmost importance to be cautious, while moving and also after moving, as it was discussed in ‘10 recommended tips when moving home. Firstly, confirm that the moving company is genuine, get an insurance cover for your possessions during the removal, while keeping valuables at a trusted relative or the bank on the day itself. Once you are settled in the new home sweet home, ensure your new residence is also as safe as your previous one, with the proper, new locks and keys, security systems, and no moving box in sight to lure burglars.

Burglars’ Footprints

In the aftermath of a burglary, it is imperative that you do not touch or move anything until the police have investigated. Then, notify banks and other official institutions if your personal documents have been stolen. Of course, immediately repair any damage caused by the forced entry and again, increase your security, you would not want to be a victim of Repeat Burglaries. Victim support programmes can help you deal with the emotional effect of such occurrence.

At RSG Security, we deal with burglary victims on a daily basis and the majority of them state: “We never thought this could happen to us”. If you have concerns about the security of your premises, please get in touch via our contact us page.