psychological effect of burglary

Loss of belongings in a burglary is a minor consequence for many compared to the emotional and psychological effect. Symptoms described are similar to victims of assault, rape and violent crimes, as burglary victims undergo an initial feeling of insecurity, fear, anger, shame, guilt, resentment, mood swings and grief.

Following studies and interviews with burglary victims, a well-know psychiatrist, Billie Corder stated: “The majority of victims say they will never have the same feeling of security and inviolability that they had in the past.”
Dr Corder of University Of North Carolina School Of Medicine further added that half described the experience as feeling “like a violation or rape.” More than 30 per cent of adult victims experience sleeplessness and anxiety which lingered for months after the break-in. Studies show that kids suffer the highest level of impact. One first-grader began hiding favourite toys before leaving for school each day.
Furthermore, studies have shown that the way in which responding police officers deal with the victims, has a significant impact on emotional symptoms following a theft.

Advice from RSG Security for Burglary Victims
• Do not touch or move anything once you have discovered you have been a burglary victim;
• Call the Police immediately;
• Next, report to your Insurance company so that they can come as soon as possible to assess the damage;
• It is very important that you accept this as an unfortunate event and try to move on. This is not always easy however, and we highly recommend special counselling and practical advice at a local level. The best place to ask for help is from your local police or neighbourhood watch.
• Psychologists say: “Critical step in recovery is being able to talk about the experience and feelings. This enables the victim to validate feelings and fears. As victims talk about the theft and their reactions, over time the incident will begin to be put into perspective.”
If you have concern about the security of your premises, consider securing your windows and doors as these are the obvious break-in points.

Windows are considered as the easiest target. Installing internal window security grilles and dummy alarms will discourage burglary attack. Security Door Gates installed externally can help in making your door entrances burglary proof.
Burglary on the whole is an opportunist crime, prevention is better than cure!
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