commercial roller shutter on a shop front in a retail shopping resort in the city of London


Potential issues can occasionally arise that threaten the running of your retail business. However, one of most threatening issue could be the risk of being burgled. Rather than face the risk of being a victim of these criminals, it is of utmost priority to analyse your vulnerability and the ways that can lessen these risks.

Beneficial Barriers for your Business

Since it is important for any property, especially for homes, you would be familiar with securing doors and windows. Providing sufficient safety for a retail business shouldn’t be any different or difficult. Ensure that all doors and windows are of high quality and shatterproof, while installing the proper bolts and latches, padlocks and keys. Further strengthening of these access points can be achieved by investing in some additional durable, defensive barriers including Security Shutters, Grilles, Bars, Shields and Screens, like those provided by RSG Security at cost effective options. RSG also offers products that preserve the aesthetic value of your premises while ensuring high protection. Firstly, our shop front and commercial roller shutters guarantee protection while allowing up to 47% vision to passers-by when the shop is closed. Secondly, RSG2400 Security Window Screens, a.k.a. the ‘Invisible Security Solution’ gives a protection of 300 times stronger than normal glass.

An astonishing figure of some 55,000 premises were burned down in the UK between April 2011 and March 2012. This brings us to a clear conclusion of the importance of abiding to the building fire regulations. At RSG Security, we further provide a range of up to 4 hours fire rated roller shutters, which can save both staffs and stock. Please speak to a member of our team on 0208 123 1088 to find out more.


Protocols for your Business Property

Proper control over inventory, employees, and access is equally necessary. This includes:

  • Accurate auditing and updated book-keeping,
  • Investigated, trained and trusted staff,
  • Restricted, separated and unauthorised areas,
  • Monthly or quarterly checks on staff, stock and safety locks or passwords,
  • Update your business insurance policy.


Burglar-Proof Kit for your Business

Equip your premises with the appropriate gadgets, which do not need to be as costly as those used in banks and high security business premises: A witty solution may come in the form of decoy cameras with “Warning-Video Surveillance” signs in plain sight, an adequate lighting system and security mirrors, placed at strategic points. They can be very useful, as we’ve covered in Valuable Security Tips For UK Business Premises. Of course, a suitable and secured safe, cash register and emergency telephone-whose lines cannot be tampered with- are prerequisites in your retail business.


Following these guidelines will give you one less thing to worry about for the swift and secure success of your retail business.