burglar peepimg imside student room

1 in 10 students become victims of crime in Manchester, or 1 in 3 students in London. In fact, there is not enough awareness about safety and security in the UK as compared to the US, for instance. Yet it is high time that students are concerned with this matter to avoid being one of those unfortunate victims. It has also been found that most students have a fear of burglary above all crimes. Their fear is justified as burglars do indeed target students mostly because of the chance of a higher return for the encountered risks. In other words, they are most likely to break into a student’s residence and escape with a huge prize in the form of a costly gadget such as a laptop or a mobile phone. After all, students own more expensive consumer goods than the rest of the population. This is enough to tempt burglars. Moreover, some areas tend to have a high concentration of students residences, including Leicester, such that it becomes an easy hotspot for burglars. The following guidelines could be useful to deter such criminals, and to avoid the emotional experience in addition to the financial consequence of a burglary:

Dos & Don’ts

  1. Before deciding where to live, gather information about the local crime level.
  2. Consult with your hall warden or landlord to provide adequate security for your accommodation, for example in terms of security grilles, door gates and window bars.
  3. Be aware of crime prevention programmes which are tailored for student lifestyles and keep emergency contacts at hand.
  4. Keep in touch with crimes in the vicinity beware of strangers by checking presumed door-to-door salesmen’s ID.
  5. Always leave your doors and windows locked, even when you are away briefly.
  6. Keep your keys and valuables, or even your simple belongings that can turn into burglars’ tools out of sight.
  7. Ensure that you are insured. Contact the police and your landlord/ hall warden in any case of burglary.
  8. Talk to whoever is concerned and have proper locks installed. Not only will it discourage intruders, but it might also help you make a successful claim from your insurance company.
  9. Refrain from advertising your residence as being that of a student, as this is precisely what lures opportunistic burglars. This is done by properly discarding the numerous junk food packages out of sight, for example.
  10. Avoid leaving notes on the door announcing that you are away. In the same way, never post, share or tweet about being away for holidays-this is similar to sending an invitation card to burglars. Social networks can be fun but unsafe at the same time.
  11. Remember to switch on your alarm system or use a light timer and similar gadgets that can help keep burglars at bay.
  12. Mark your valuables with a UV pen and register them free on http://www.immobilise.com/.

Never take your safety for granted. These steps may seem obvious, but it is simple common sense that will help be on your guard against burglars while you complete your studies.