Since everyone deserves a vacation, it is equally necessary to have a safe vacation! While you are way recharging your batteries, criminals are actually and unfortunately most active then. In fact, a majority of burglars target houses while they are unoccupied, as they obviously want to avoid taking chances of being caught. They can be in and out of your property, fully loaded and without any hindrance. But, you would not want to come back from your holiday seeing your house visited and ransacked by a ghastlier version of ‘Goldilocks’. Here are some highly recommended security measures against intruders:

Firstly, some common gadgets can be quite useful. For example, an activated alarm system already provides protection while the house is occupied, but it will further provide peace of mind while you are away and the house is vacant and vulnerable. Besides, not unlike actors faced with paparazzi, burglars equally avoid cameras as much as possible-though for totally opposite reasons. While paparazzi try to pursue celebrities, breaching into their privacy, these CCTVS however will help you in keeping your privacy and better yet, keeping you secure from criminals who simply skip a house that has a camera. Wireless gadgets are also advised as burglars know how to cut wires and turn your systems useless.

Then, rather than take chances and let burglars get too close to you house, you can install gadgets that make your house look lived in so that they are immediately tricked and deterred. These include automatic timers for interior and exterior flood lights, radios and TVs. Moreover, a dead giveaway is your phone ringing without anyone picking up. You can avoid that by turning the phone ringer down. Flood lights have the function of keeping burglars at bay by coming on as soon as they get close enough to your house. Yet another handy gadget is the burglar deterrent CD or MP3, with recorded home occupancy sounds, to mimic them when you are away.

Secondly, count on your neighbours or nearby relatives and friends to take care of your property while you are away, as they can expect the same from you. Simply request them to follow these steps to make your house look lived in:

  • Collect your mails, garbage cans, and subscriptions (unless you temporarily unsubscribe),
  • Maintain the landscaping and cut the lawn,
  • Park their car in front of your house,
  • Watch out for any suspicious person.

Also leave an emergency contact number with them, as well as with the police.

Thirdly, notify the police department and request a special vacation watch. Let the police know which vehicles belong to the residence, and which people are trusted family, friends or neighbours.

Other small yet significant steps that you can take are:

  • Secure your doors and windows with Security Grilles or Bars.
  • Lock your valuables and important documents in a safe deposit box.
  • Put away your garden tools or other items that may help burglars in, such as ladders or bins.
  • Leave your curtains or blinds in the usual position, as closing them suggests that you are away.
  • Do not cyber-brag about your holidays on social media sites, which is directly advertising to tech-savvy criminals and inviting them to your place.

So whereas you house is totally alert, you can finally put your feet up, swinging on a hammock while the kids enjoy themselves in the pool worry-free!