new homeowners attract burglars

Buying or moving into a new house or upgrading you current house can be an amazing time that promises a path for new dreams, projects and future. However, this path comes with obstacles, among which are criminals who wait for opportunities to rob you of your property and plans. Although settling in your new abode entails a lot of preparations, you should not neglect the provision for home security alongside. In fact, burglars are all too aware of the vulnerability of their targets at this particular period and make the most of it.

To avoid such ill luck and inconvenience, beef up your home security with the following steps:

  • Boost the existing security.

Install new security gadgets that were previously inexistent or inefficient. Ensure that all are fully functional and ON. A further addition to the security of your property is Security Bars, Grilles, Shutters, Screens and other similar products or services. Ensure that you have changed the codes to any existing security access and re-register the home alarm system in your name as soon as is possible.

  • Change and reinforce all existing locks, tumblers and keys& doors and windows.

The only barrier between you and intruders is through any entrance. If your barrier is weak, your whole security backup is useless. Strengthen and enhance the quality of your doors and windows. Additionally check that all locks, tumblers and keys are new and that you are the sole owner of the latter. Never keep keys with untrustworthy people, or worse, under the Welcome mat, even if it is just for the first few days until you find the time to make another spare copy for your spouse.

  • Verify everything related to the electrical and landscaping.

Besides ensuring that all electrical items such aslight/motion sensors, fire or burglar detectors/alarms and CCTVS are alert and vigilant, confirm that your property has adequate lighting everywhere so that intruders are not offered hiding spots. Avoid leaving wires visible in the yard that can tempt potential burglars. Furthermore, get the necessary thorny shrubs, barbed wires, pebble yard, a two-sided fence, and a few nice flowers to cover it all while grooming your garden.

  • Eliminate evidence of being newcomers.

Hide the fact that you are new in the neighbourhood. Break down and get rid of packing boxes as soon as you are done with them so that passers-by or attentive professional burglars are not attracted. Hang curtains or blinds straightaway as well.

  • Visit the neighbours and avoid suspicious people.

Having properly chosen a safe neighbourhood prior to buying or moving to this new property, you can now make an effort at engaging a good relationship with the people next-door within the first few days. Try to give them good vibes as they should be able to trust you so you can equally feel safe around them. Keep in touch with the local neighbourhood watch or crime statistics in the area. Be especially cautious of the people who come to help around during the first few weeks, particularly if they are not close friends or relatives, but hired individuals.

If you manage to avoid looking like a target, you definitely will not be one; so you should be able to settle well in your new Home Sweet Home and live happily ever after!