summertime burglary thoughts for everyone

Summertime is usually the best time to relax. However, burglars are known to be quite diligent and work hard during this season. This means that you cannot exactly relax and let your guard down, even while the sun is shining brightly and innocently. While you make the most of what is left of summer, do not overlook the necessary precautions to avoid burglars who also make the most of this period to target the most vulnerable house owners.

What makes you the perfect target and welcomes burglars to your house:  

  • An open or unlocked door while you have a BBQ party in the backyard
  • Unlocked doors while you are dozing off on your DIY hammock or at night.
  • Open-even partially, or temporarily-windows; considering that 25% of break-ins in the spring and summer months happen through unsecure, and mostly rear, doors and windows.
  • Visible and within-reach keys that are easily hooked or fished from passers-by.
  • Tools, ladders, wheelie bins etc. lying around the garden makes it easier for the intruder to access your house and outer buildings or shed.
  • Clues when you are away on a holiday, such as having your subscriptions or deliveries visibly littering the unattended yard, or via social media, where you advertise your location to notify strangers.
  • Lack of security lighting, visible alarm and CCTV systems.
  • Garden landscaping such as smooth grass or ground that allows a swift entrance.

What you can do to avoid being a target and deter burglars from your house:

  • Acquire sturdy and high quality doors, windows, screws and bolts, window restrictors, locks and keys.
  • Secure windows and patio doors with stylish security grilles.
  • Install light, alarm systems, camera surveillance.
  • Put thorny plants and gravel on the driveway.
  • Valuables and tools should be post-coded, marked with UV pens or forensic marking and kept out of sight.

Special Summer/Holiday Tips:

  • Install, operate and double-check all windows, doors locks and security systems.
  • Make your house look occupied.
  • Cancel milk and newspaper deliveries.
  • Trust a neighbour or friend: he can open/close the curtains, mow the lawn, take care of subscriptions or litter, and park his vehicle on your property so it looks inhabited, as well as keep your valuable personal belongings safe.
  • Post and boast about your fun vacations only when you get back.
  • Register for the Royal Mail ‘Keepsafe’ service.

Nothing is more enjoyable than a sunny summer…while being safe and secure!