According to the Social Readjusting Rating Scale, aka the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, “change of residence” is considered a stressful activity for adults, assigned 20 points while bereavement scores the highest points at 100. Indeed, moving house can be a rather nerve-wracking event considering the never ending to-do list. However, the key to home moving is planning, thus we are here to give you some tips to avoid the hectic hassle of home moving.

moving house recommended tips

  1. Stay organised and create lists. Before you go crazy with all the stuffs to be moved, try to make a checklist of all the tasks to be done. Then, keep another list for the packing by labelling the boxes with numbers besides the ‘Bathroom/Kitchen’ tags and accordingly record the numbers along with the corresponding items being packed. It is a great idea to colour-code boxes with the respective room. Moreover, compile a list of people who are to be notified of your moving plans. This will ensure an organised and stress-free process, even when you have to unpack in your new home.
  2. Designate tasks. If you want a cheap solution for the restricted budget, you might want to consider a DIY House Moving. Gather some family and friends who are ready to lend a hand and decide who will do which part of the hauling. Furthermore, check who is available to safeguard the younger children and pets on the moving day, such that the move is done unobstructed. Find the necessary transportation for moving on the moving date, while personally moving some petty items daily.
  3. Hire help. You also have the choice of a costly but easy option of hiring professionals from a removal company such as the British Association of Removers (BAR) or the National Guild of Removers and Storers (NGRS), both of which can also recommend firms.  It is vital to choose a removal company wisely though. Gather quotes from firms and consult people around you for advice or feedback. Do not forget to contact them to confirm the moving date beforehand, and call them on the eve.
  4. Be equipped and pack up. What you need: Your luggage, DIY Furoshikis, markers, bubble wraps, newspapers, tape as well as the most important tool, obviously, crates or boxes and…even more boxes. Your removal company can provide you with boxes; else you can still hunt some at the grocery store. After all, the key to making moving a breeze is proper packing. Packing ahead means saving time on the actual moving day. Only keep the most basic necessities unpacked until then. Carefully pack fragile and valuable items or heavy items in the appropriate boxes.
  5. Dispose of unwanted possessions. Check the items you are never going to use by sifting through your stuff and put them on eBay or give it to the local charity shop rather than packing them to your new house unnecessarily.
  6. Notify the concerned individuals. Most important are banks, credit and store cards, pension and share providers, insurance companies, loan providers, council tax, employers, schools, your cable provider, your doctor. Remember to organise switching off your phone line, internet connection and all your utilities, as well as arranging them to be connected at the other end. Redirecting your mail services means avoiding identity theft.
  7. Be mentally prepared. It is undeniably a different lifestyle that awaits, so prepare yourself, and most importantly the children by explaining the reason for moving and encouraging them to participate, too. You can take them to visit the new house before the actual moving day.
  8. Set a moving date. Removal companies tend to be busiest on Fridays or bank holidays, therefore choosing a midweek day is best. Get a day off work if necessary.
  9. Cleaning the house. You can either hire a cleaning service to do it before you leave ,or make sure you do not pack up your cleaning gear once all your stuff is ready to go to the new address.
  10. Secure your new location. Once you have moved in, be sure to change your locks to avoid the possibility of a burglary. It is highly recommended to secure vulnerable windows and patio doors with folding security grilles. To enhance door security, homeowners may consider strong security door gates. For more helpful advice, please call the RSG Security Team on 0208 123 1088.

Fail to plan, or plan to fail-it is up to you to plan a smooth house moving and avoid the otherwise consequent failure to cope.