emphasising on the importance of location while choosing your neighbourhood

The old real estate adage and hackneyed phrase “Location, Location, Location” sums it up when it comes to choosing a nice neighbourhood. If you are looking for a new house, the first thing that comes to mind would be the price. Of course, after looking at some dozen houses or so, many tend to excitedly gravitate towards one- with just the right configuration and plenty of amenities-characterised as the perfect home, especially if it comes with a reasonable price tag… But if it is in a bad location, you might want to consider dismissing it without a backward glance.

Undoubtedly, what can prove to be more costly is if you overlook the safety of the location. A crime ridden neighbourhood is never the best location to settle down, even less if you have children. So, get your magnifying glass out and start exploring the neighbourhood towards which you are showing an interest.

  • Research the neighbourhood via the Internet. Before the advent of the web, there was no feasible way to gather information- which is now at your fingertips. You can actually find out the different crime maps or learn whether any criminals are living in that particular area, and about how far are the schools, workplace, churches, grocery stores and petrol station.
  • Simply wander around in the neighbourhood. Drive or walk around at varying hours of the day. Look for any vandalism signs, or broken windows, missing street lights, unkept yards, rampant graffiti, and dilapidated buildings- signs of neglect, in other words, which attract criminals, according to criminologists. The physical condition of the roads, such as damaged signs, potholes, or breaks in the sidewalk also speak of the region’s probability of inviting offenders.
  • The best source of facts will undeniably be at the local police station, where you will get the most accurate statistics. You can also check if they are involved in crime prevention and can ensure your safety promptly.
  • Yet, a safe neighbourhood can be gauged from its dwellers. A friendly community and dependable neighbours can provide a feeling of security. Do not hesitate to talk to individuals, whether at the local café, school or grocery store, to get the opinions of people who are already living there. Talk to them about the pros and cons of living there; about what they like and what they think needs improvement. This will give you the most significant evidence about the safety of the neighbourhood.
  • Last but not least, a major factor to consider is whether some neighbours might actually be rowdy youngsters who are bound to have noisy parties. According to research statistics, the proportion of people with a high level of perceived anti-social behaviour in their local area was in the region of 14 per cent.

Keeping the above tips in mind while choosing your neighbourhood, you may put your mind at rest that your home is indeed as safe as houses!