a reminder of the top 5 more likely burgled items


Burglars have a tough job: they have to hurry through your property and take away as many stuff as possible within a limited time period, trying to be faster than the Temple Run game’s characters! Hence, they have to grab as many portable and valuable items as quick as possible – their favourites.

  • Money

Obviously, holdups in banks do not occur randomly, but rather because of the treasure found there. Thus, the first item burglars aim for is cash- be it in the form of rolled up notes or jars of coins stashed on the kitchen counter ‘to have change at hand’, or piggy banks in your children’s bedrooms, as well as plastic money which are often rummaged through wallets and purses that are left lying around. You might as well be setting a Temple Run or similar games platform where collecting coins is automatically done by simply going towards it.

  • Jewellery

Our previous article ‘Jewellery – Burglar’s Favourites‘ relates the similarity between magpies and burglars. Indeed, the latter are affected by the Magpie Syndrome due to its many benefits: Jewellery can easily be converted into cash that are burglars’ main target (see Money); house owners generally store jewellery in one main location making the burglars’ job easier; jewellery fits the description for ‘best-stealable-item’, that is Valuable and Portable, that highly motivates burglars to favour these items more.

  • High Tech Gadgets

Needless to say, the advent of technology had brought about innumerable types of devices to ease and entertain human beings while enhancing them to become as portable as handy as possible. Of course, this also means that burglars have less trouble to carry bulky television sets, home computers or video game consoles, which are nowadays replaced by small, slim, light and glossy models in the form of HD TVs, laptops, iPads, PSPs, or smartphones. These are usually left in plain sight such as near windows, where opportunists can easily see, snatch and sell them later for a good price.

  • Guns and Garages

Nine out of ten burglars are said to leave a property that housed guns by claiming them. Since those weapons have a significant resale value on the street, burglars do not let this opportunity go and actually face no issue in trying to sell this item. Other costly tools and equipment, comprising sports paraphernalia that are stored in detached sheds or garages can equally be targeted by criminals who know where to get their loot sold. Of course, this also means your vehicles, including cars and bicycles, are in danger, too. Thus, burglars target this particular area of your property as they are fully aware of the valuable stuff that can be readily found there.

  • Your Identity

What with the increasing trade in plastic money, e-shopping, and other electronic or online transactions, it is becoming more and more risky to guarantee security, especially when identity is concerned. In fact, phishing, pharming, scams, identity theft or other such activities are popular and cybercrime is just another favourite technique for burglars. Besides, sites like eBay facilitate the possibility for anyone, not excluding burglars, to sell items.

In the end, burglars only need to watch out for “demonic Temple monkeys” in the form of cops who relentlessly follow and try to catch up with them, of course, unless you take the appropriate precautionary measures to prevent them from plundering your property beforehand by installing proper barriers, such as security shutters, grilles or gates. For more information, please visit our product range – RSG Security Products or call 0208 123 1088 to speak to a member of our team.