Armed robber cartoon providing burglary, shoplifting theft and burglary figures during December 2012 and January 2013

Being the victim of an armed robbery has the consequences of not only losing valuables, but also the possibility of being injured, besides the emotional trauma that ensues. The experience of being mugged has indeed far worse damages than mere burglary as the target is, in this case, always in the presence of the offender. Although the latter might not use the weapons, their mere presence can affect the psychological health of the victim. Those participating in such criminal acts are public enemies to people on the streets or homeowners, but mostly to those managing a business and customers.

As a business owner, ensuring that your firm or shop is least likely to face a robbery at gunpoint is of utmost priority. Some simple preventive steps that can be taken are as follows:

  • First of all, train employees. They should be aware of self-defence, and the necessary measures to be taken in the case of an armed robbery. They should know that the robbers are just as nervous as they are, so handling the robbers might be easier than expected.
  • Discreetly watch customers by greeting them at entry/exit and offering to help them while they are looking at merchandise.
  • Employees should also be trained to recognise and deal with suspicious people who might be potential criminals and prevent a situation to arise beforehand.
  • It is therefore important that they report such matters without any delay to the concerned staff; committing an armed robbery is no simple task as it requires proper planning, which means that the robber will be visiting you from time to time before getting into the real action.
  • Then, establish proper opening and closing procedures, which include at least two employees.
  • Moreover, the building’s interior and exterior should both be well lit and visible from the streets so robbers will be dissuaded to get into action, especially with weapons, if they have witness or people coming to the rescue.
  • Many at times, warehouses are primed target. High value stock is a mega luring factor in business theft. Controlling access with barriers, security gates and human personnel is a must to every businesses holding stock in UK.
  • In addition, keep emergency telephone numbers close at hand and do not hesitate to contact the police if an aggressive or threatening individual is spotted.
  • Install a silent alarm system accompanied by a hidden panic button to signal the security company as soon as trouble occurs. CCTVs are good security systems for homes, too.
  • Install a surveillance camera. This is just as helpful to homeowners as it is to business owners.
  • Install physical barriers, such as protective glass, between employees and clients who might be muggers in disguise.
  • Install signs that say you have those security systems to warn and deter would-be robbers.
  • Furthermore, establish a cash protection system by keeping a small amount of cash in hand.
  • Preferably, make bank deposits during the day, accompanied by someone.
  • Vary your routes to the bank and go at irregular time intervals.
  • Of course, security patrols are a must.
  • Last but not least, encourage your staff to keep their personal effects in a safe place to keep your establishment in order.

The brazen activities of armed robbers owing to the lack of adequate security must be brought to a stop. Armed robbery is clearly a menace, needing the collective responsibility of both the employee and employer. Thus, the robbers will easily be discouraged if they see enough security measures. Indeed, do make sure that all the required safety paraphernalia are set in place and in working order, as well as confirming that the staffs know how to operate them properly. Do not forget to put those “Beware of Dog” and “This Building is under 24 Hour Surveillance” signs up!