According to recent statistics, around 30% of burglars gain access to homes via a window in the UK.

As burglary is mainly an opportunist crime, thieves are looking for a quick get in get out opportunity and windows expose the risk of being a target.

Securing your windows can be very cost effective with the right knowledge and guidance.

It is better to spend money into securing your premises and privacy before being a victim as it is a greater loss after a burglary and you still have to spend money into security.

From years of experience and visiting burglary victims regularly, the best way to secure your windows is by installing retractable security grilles internally together with a burglar alarm pointing at the windows. In case someone breaks the window to get in, the alarm will go off, creating attention and he still has to get through a security product. This makes it rather impossible to gain access into your premises.

For more information and costs about using retractable grilles to secure your windows, see window grilles.

Remember it is always recommended to shut and lock your windows even when you are out for few minutes, prevention is better than cure.