business robbery part 2


Coping with the aftermath of crime victimisation has never been an easy feat. Robbery can be a traumatic experience and affects people differently. During a robbery you might not feel affected immediately, especially if you follow the necessary security measures as mentioned in Business Robbery Part 1. However, some victims may delay in reacting to the backwash of a robbery. So, it remains imperative that the necessary safety is taken into account and taken care of after a robbery.

1. Assist Customers and Staff

Provide help to people who may have been affected, both physically and emotionally, from the incident.


2. Inform the Authorities.

Phone the police and your security department. All the details of the attack, such as injuries, offenders or other particular details remembered must be related to the police as it may help them watch out on their way to the crime scene.


3. Preserve the crime scene & Secure Evidence

Allow the police who will examine the site of the incident to get the exact scene and chronological sequence of events. Close the premises and avoid touching anything that has been touched or left by the criminals. In the case of any item left behind, guard it for investigation without touching it. While avoiding to leave your own fingerprints on the weapons or other items left by robbers, keep the video images from your CCTV for any proof equally left behind by the criminals. Ensure that the police know of its existence and do not view or share the video with anyone else.


 4. Keep Calm and Quiet

Do not panic and do not give any information regarding the incident to the press or people involved before speaking to the officers in charged. Some information are better off confidential while the police conduct the investigation and look into the matter, or find potential suspects and accomplices.


5, Review the Existing Security

Barriers to your property will ensure that you feel safe henceforth. RSG also offers products that preserve the aesthetic value of your premises while ensuring high protection. For instance, the aluminium Shop Front Roller Shutters guarantees protection while allowing up to 47% vision to passers-by when the shop is closed whereas Window Screens, a.k.a. the ‘Invisible Security Solution’ gives a protection of 300 times stronger than normal glass.


The idea of dealing with a robbery is not appealing in any case. Do not hesitate to talk to someone if you believe you need counselling after the incident, or to find ways of preventing another attempt of the sort.