security shutters and grilles protecting UK businesses


An estimated 30% of all recorded crime in the UK represents offences against businesses. In 18% there was a knife, in 6% a gun and 10% another form of weapon – bat or metal pipe. Figures do not show how many staff is psychologically damaged, but 14% are physically injured. RSG Security is constantly conscious of the possible threats your property can face and your business is equally our concern, which is why we are providing with some great ideas.

First of all it necessary to have proper control over inventory, employees, and access is equally necessary. This includes:

  • Accurate auditing and updated book-keeping,
  • Investigated, trained and trusted staff;
  • Encourage staff to report anything suspicious and make sure they know what to do if there is a robbery. Provide lockers for staff if possible.
  • Restricted, separated and unauthorised areas;
  • Never leave reception desks unattended and search your premises before leaving.
  • Monthly or quarterly checks on staff, stock and safety locks or passwords;Lock valuable items such as tools away when not in use.
  • Only give master keys to trusted members of staff.  Check regularly that no keys have been lost – if they are immediately change the locks. Never leave keys lying around. For high security areas, use push button combination locks and change the codes regularly. Make sure staff is careful not to let passers-by see the code as they enter it.
  • Update your business insurance policy.
  • Keep as little cash as possible on the premises, move excess cash to a safe place and do not count it in view of anyone. If possible, avoid paying staff in cash. Avoid predictable routines such as moving cash at the same time each day. Place tills away from entrance/exit doors, and leave them empty and open at night.
  • Consider installing a UV dye spray system at entry points, use UV grease on valuable outdoor materials, and a permanent property marking system on expensive equipment – along with signage warning of their presence.

Moreover, you should see to upgrading your business property. The Suffolk Constabulary actually advise business owners to regularly review the security of their premises, ensuring that: Perimeter and building security is robust and of a good standard – this includes fences, gates, doors, windows and locks. Where possible keep doors and windows shut and locked. Defensive barriers including Security Shutters, Grilles, Bars, Shields and Screens can be provided by RSG Security at cost effective options. RSG also offers products that preserve the aesthetic value of your premises while ensuring high protection.

  • The aluminium Shop Front Roller Shutters guarantees protection while allowing up to 47% vision to passers-by when the shop is closed.
  • Window Screens, a.k.a. the ‘Invisible Security Solution’ gives a protection of 300 times stronger than normal glass.

Furthermore, it is important to equip your premises with the appropriate gadgets:

1. Cameras with “Warning-Video Surveillance” signs in plain sight.

    • To ensure your CCTV is fully effective:
    • Clean the lens regularly.
    • Store the equipment in a locked cabinet.
    • Save a recorded tape or digital image for 31 days before recording over it.
    • Ensure that time and date settings are correct.
    • Face a camera towards the doorway so you get clear head and shoulders images.
    • To be legal you must have clear signage stating: the name of the operator, the purpose of the CCTV (i.e. crime prevention), contact phone number. Visit more details.

2. Monitored alarm systems with police response are strongly recommended.

Get quotations from at least three companies who are subject to independent inspection by an approved body, such as National Security Inspectorate (NSI), Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB). To get a police response to your alarm system, you must use a company that is registered with the NSI or SSAIB. Alarm systems should also comply with the latest British and European standards.

3. An adequate lighting system and security mirrors, placed at strategic points. They can be very useful and here are some additional notes:

    • Make sure your security lights are positioned properly.
    • Check lights regularly to make sure they are working.
    • Permanent low-cost dusk to dawn lighting is preferable to higher cost lighting linked to a movement sensor.
    • Make sure lighting does not affect CCTV.
    • Leave some lights on or use a timer to give the impression that someone is there 24/7.


Having your business burgled can be a frightening, dangerous experience, with the possibility of financial loss and damage.  Investing in security measures improves the safety of your property, and minimises risks of being targeted by burglars. You can find further ideas covered in our previous articles by following the below links.