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2015 – UK Worst Burglary Hotspots

Posted on 25 Jan 2015 In: News

uk worst burglary hostspots in 2015

Burglary knows no geographical limitations. Although burglars do not spare almost any region across the United Kingdom they still tend to be concentrated in some areas than others, which make these hotspots. The annual Burglary Claims Tracker at MoneySuperMarket revealed the nation’s burglary claim hotspots, and once again London and Greater London postcodes dominate-with 14 of the top 20 postcodes in the region listed.

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Fire Safety Legislation in UK

Posted on 8 Jan 2015 In: Security Thoughts

save lives with RSG fire doors and shutters

Fire is probably one of the biggest threats to life that most people face as work. Over 60% of organisations fail to recover after a major fire incident. If you are an owner, landlord or occupier of business or other non-domestic premises, you are legally expected- and ‘responsible’- by the Fire Safety Regulations (The Regulatory Reform Order 2005) to ensure fire safety.

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five home security mistakes


Aside from the five simple tricks to Enhanced Home Security that are essential to any homeowner,it is equally important to identify the possible mistakes that are inadvertently encouraging criminals to your home.

Nowadays, your identity and life are almost public knowledge with the proliferation of social networks, websites and blogs- especially if you have a large network of friends and not-so-close-friends. You can never be too cautious of what information you share on the Web. Burglars no longer have to limit themselves to night prowls as they can ‘safely’ access your details or even your property during the day since you mentioned- or more precisely, cyber-bragged your location and much more. In fact, 78% burglars in UK use Facebook, Twitter, online tabloids, Foursquare and Google Maps to target a potential property. Home Security & Social Media Reminders have to be constantly borne in mind, considering their importance these days.

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Summertime Burglary Thoughts

Posted on 18 Sep 2014 In: Security Thoughts

summertime burglary thoughts for everyone

Summertime is usually the best time to relax. However, burglars are known to be quite diligent and work hard during this season. This means that you cannot exactly relax and let your guard down, even while the sun is shining brightly and innocently. While you make the most of what is left of summer, do not overlook the necessary precautions to avoid burglars who also make the most of this period to target the most vulnerable house owners.

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Great Ideas to Protect Your Business

Posted on 8 Sep 2014 In: Security Thoughts

security shutters and grilles protecting UK businesses


An estimated 30% of all recorded crime in the UK represents offences against businesses. In 18% there was a knife, in 6% a gun and 10% another form of weapon – bat or metal pipe. Figures do not show how many staff is psychologically damaged, but 14% are physically injured. RSG Security is constantly conscious of the possible threats your property can face and your business is equally our concern, which is why we are providing with some great ideas.

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A quite detailed burglary statistics infographic in the UK

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new homeowners attract burglars

Buying or moving into a new house or upgrading you current house can be an amazing time that promises a path for new dreams, projects and future. However, this path comes with obstacles, among which are criminals who wait for opportunities to rob you of your property and plans. Although settling in your new abode entails a lot of preparations, you should not neglect the provision for home security alongside. In fact, burglars are all too aware of the vulnerability of their targets at this particular period and make the most of it.

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Essex Part Night Lighting Programme

Posted on 22 Jul 2014 In: News


Early civilisations knew the importance of public lighting. Lamps were then used to illuminate the path of wanderers in the dark- be it pedestrians or prowling criminals, thus acting as a form of security. Studies have shown that darkness results in a large number of crashes and fatalities, especially those involving pedestrians; pedestrian fatalities are 3 to 6.75 times more likely in the dark than in daylight. Yet, today, street lighting seems to be affecting the environment. Street Lighting energy costs were approximately £4m in 2010/2011 and are expected to rise. As measures are taken to protect the Earth, concerns are raised about its impact on the security of the Earthlings. In a bid to cut costs as well as energy consumption, the Essex County Council has carried out a Part-night lighting programme of switching off the lights between midnight to 5a.m.

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Simple Ideas to Avoid Doorstep Crime

Posted on 3 Jul 2014 In: Security Thoughts
bogus caller at door of an old lady

bogus caller at door of an old lady

When you place that Welcome mat across your doorstep, be careful who you are actually inviting inside your house. They are named Cold callers a.k.a. Bogus callers a.k.a. Rogue traders, although they come under the guise of workers from the council, police, healthcare, market research, utility or phone companies. Their claims to “check something” can be rather persuasive, especially to the intentionally targeted victims: the elderly and vulnerable. Unfortunately these cunning criminals are not really going to clean the window, repair your driveway and roofing. Once they have convinced the victim and successfully crossed the threshold, they are most certainly not going to offer any home improvement services- as that is not what burglars actually do.

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Burglary – The Four Daltons

Posted on 23 Jun 2014 In: Security Thoughts

burglary-the-four-daltonsThe notorious Daltons on the loose would make any rational individual shiver. Apparently, burglars nowadays are not any less infamous, yet they generate more fear from the people for they are not simply villains of a humorous show but exist very much in a society without Lucky Luke to be the hero. Every burglar has his own technique with which they operate. Whether the burglars are as witty as Joe or as idiotic as Averell remains to be seen. However, just like the four brothers were differentiated by their own particular character, burglars can equally be labelled into four different categories.

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