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Spring Burglary Warning

Posted on 25 Apr 2013 In: News

homeowners picnicking outdoors while burlgars picnicking indoors photo warning message

Police around the country have already started warning British citizens of the known ‘Springtime Burglars’. Undeniably, the forthcoming spring entails that the big bright sun beckons home owners to get their hammock, barbeque tools, lawnmower, water hose and spade, or picnic basket in the garden.  Of course, there is absolutely no harm in being carefree when the weather is enjoyable…as long as you are not careless about the safety of your property.

With the warmer weather, the opportunity to be outdoors is definitely not renounced by home owners. Meanwhile though, intruders equally get an inverse opportunity to be indoors. Of course, houses are already vulnerable to burglary attacks; however, its vulnerability is doubled during that period of the year, which leads to greater number of burglaries. Certainly, leaving your house unlocked for the slightest moment could be dangerous as you are inviting robbers in. Similar to how it takes only seconds to lock your doors, those criminals also need that much time to access your house It is worth noting that your insurance company will not pay out if you have been negligent. Indeed, burglary can prove to be both financially and emotionally costly.

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You must have come across the trick often depicted in movies where a door lock is magically opened without its key! It is in fact considered the art of unlocking a door by manipulating the door’s lock device when the corresponding key is unavailable. It should be noted that in the UK, lock picks may be held at home, as long as the owner has no intent of using them for burglary, theft, or cheat. Unfortunately, for law-breakers obviously, using lock picks can have its drawbacks: a person in the UK can be prosecuted if they possess these materials with the intent to commit theft. Yet, a much more covert way to unlock a door ‘magically’ has been the trend lately…no, this is not done by wizards with wands, but rather by criminals with a simple technique named Lock Bumping.

an intruder trying to break in by picking the lock on a front door

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room which is so messy that it looks like it has just been burgled

Though unconsciously, housekeeping actually plays a significant part in keeping you safe! Of course, keeping a house clean is not only a matter of comfort, health or vanity. The echoed phrase “cleanliness is next to godliness” has some truth in it. Indeed, by properly cleaning and maintaining your house, you avoid many ‘traps’. Be it dramatizing, yet no one can deny the pain of the mundane-yet-harmful objects, such as the tripping over an open bottom drawer, or of the notorious Lego lying around waiting to be walked upon. However, there are more notorious things around your house that should be kept at bay.

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Brits Home – Safe Hiding Places

Posted on 12 Apr 2013 In: News

socks are not just for hiding feet!

Your ‘safe place’ could be a safe bet for thieves

  • ‘Sock drawer’ identified as the top hiding place of choice for valuables
  • One in five Brits (21%) have been victims of burglary in the home
  • Some homeowners are so determined to keep out thieves they’ve gone as far as buying a dog to safeguard their homes (15%)

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CCTV Britain – Smile For The Camera

Posted on 10 Apr 2013 In: News

SMILE FOR THE CAMERA! How AV technology has become ubiquitous in modern day society

CCTV or Close Circuit Television cameras are commonplace in all of our lives and with more than 1.85 million cameras in the UK, it is estimated that the average person is recorded on a camera at least 70 times a day! Most of the time these cameras are obvious, we see them in public spaces, on buses and on the perimeter of commercial premises all the time, but with technology progressing at an immeasurable speed, cameras are getting smaller and more inconspicuous and are being used in more surprising and unusual ways.

CCTV in Great Britain

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10 Ideas to Stop Retail Shoplifters

Posted on 8 Apr 2013 In: Security Thoughts


Granted, a retail shop cannot have as tight security features as a bank or shopping centre such that customers have to face several checkpoints, though it faces just as much danger of being vandalised. Fortunately, we still have a solution to allowing your potential customers easy and unhindered access to your shop and products, while also making the latter absolutely inaccessible to shoplifters.

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Armed robber cartoon providing burglary, shoplifting theft and burglary figures during December 2012 and January 2013

Being the victim of an armed robbery has the consequences of not only losing valuables, but also the possibility of being injured, besides the emotional trauma that ensues. The experience of being mugged has indeed far worse damages than mere burglary as the target is, in this case, always in the presence of the offender. Although the latter might not use the weapons, their mere presence can affect the psychological health of the victim. Those participating in such criminal acts are public enemies to people on the streets or homeowners, but mostly to those managing a business and customers.

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RSG7000 Etrically Operated Roller Shutter Garage Door

With the rising popularity of the Roller Garage Door in the UK, RSG Security provides the one which is just perfect for you as a homeowner, accompanied by five key benefits. It is the ideal choice for you if you are looking for a high performance and quality product.

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Home Insurance – Great Saving Tips

Posted on 20 Mar 2013 In: Security Thoughts

great home saving insurance tips by RSG Security

The current economic climate has transformed everyone into rational and price sensitive individuals. Alongside an alarming burglary rate, homeowners are having the utmost concern of taking a home insurance where the least costs are incurred, while having a proper coverage. Indeed, home insurance is not easy on the pocketbook as insurance premiums have been constantly on the rise year by year.

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Business Fraud Prevention Tips

Posted on 17 Mar 2013 In: Security Thoughts

business fraud prevention tips

Nearly 80% companies worldwide did not consider it likely that they would suffer from a fraud incident. With companies developing a false sense of security, and failing to take the appropriate anti-fraud actions, it has become the primary reason for the spiralling number of corporate frauds occurring and affecting not only companies, but also stakeholders, including employees, investors, financial institutions, as well as the world’s economy.

Business owners can avert being victims to white-collar crimes. Essential elements in breaking this persistent trend of corporate-wide frauds are internal control and preventive anti-fraud tools. This can be achieved by the following steps:

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