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10 Recommended Tips When Moving Home

Posted on 23 Jun 2013 In: Security Thoughts

According to the Social Readjusting Rating Scale, aka the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, “change of residence” is considered a stressful activity for adults, assigned 20 points while bereavement scores the highest points at 100. Indeed, moving house can be a rather nerve-wracking event considering the never ending to-do list. However, the key to home moving is planning, thus we are here to give you some tips to avoid the hectic hassle of home moving.

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Steel Security Grilles or Aluminium Grilles

Posted on 16 Jun 2013 In: More Faqs

powder coated zintec steel in comparison to aluminium to better understand the security between steel grilles and aluminium grilles

Many at times, we get asked by our customers: “what is better – steel security grilles or aluminium grilles?”

Undeniably, aluminium and steel are very important in our daily lives nowadays. The endless list ranges from transportation or buildings and roads to furniture, clocks and cutlery which have at least one component that uses either steel or aluminium.

Why Steel?

  • It has the property of being more malleable than Aluminium.
  • Once it is galvanised and powder coated, steel is more resistant to rust.
  • Galvanised and powder coated steel is more resistant to impact.
  • Galvanised and powder coated steel thus outlasts aluminium.
  • Provides both the strength and security that aluminium can’t offer.

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How to report a crime in the UK?

Posted on 5 Jun 2013 In: News

How to report a crime in UK?

With the spiralling crime rate in the UK, represented by a recorded figure of 3.9 million in England & Wales for the period 2011/12, it is important for citizens to be involved in deterring criminals. Besides crime prevention and security measures, it is equally significant and efficient to report a crime. Of course, by sharing information you have about a crime that has or may be committed, or about someone involved in committing a crime, you can help the police solve crimes and help prevent future crimes from taking place.  Read the rest of this entry »

Have You Heard of Crime Mapping?

Posted on 1 Jun 2013 In: News

UK crime mapping

In the last fifteen years, crime mapping has become one of the most appropriate tools in solving crimes. This tool is used by crime analysts to explore, examine and envision crime patterns and produce a geographical representation of crime levels. In this way, crime types, hot spots or locations of particular incidents are identified. In fact, even if crime-mapping in the UK is relatively new, all 43 police forces across England and Wales are now offering online, interactive and colour-coded crime maps showing offences broken down by area. The main crime mapping service in the UK is, but various local initiatives and pilots are underway since its launch in 2011. Information on crime is split into six categories – burglary, robbery, vehicle crime, violence, other crime and anti-social behaviour.

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Five Basic Home Security Mistakes

Posted on 27 May 2013 In: Security Thoughts

five basic security mistakes easily made by homeowners in the UK

When you think you have taken all the necessary measures against potential intruders or criminals, some minor mistakes could actually be welcoming them to your ‘well-protected’ house. Burglars nowadays are cunning enough to look at all possible opportunities to get into action. Because RSG Security cares for your security, making sure you avoid the basic mistakes you could make- as outlined below- is also our responsibility.

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Dial 999 and Wait…

Posted on 22 May 2013 In: News

dial 999 and wait...


Keep calm and dial 999-the world’s oldest emergency call service- when you face a fire, a burglar or when you need a doctor. The three digit number seems to be the boon to all individuals, almost like a magic spell that brings a solution to all problems such that a statistic of over 43 million calls has been recorded. After all, 98% of 999 calls are answered within 5 seconds, according to BT, Cable & Wireless….or that is what the police, fire and ambulance emergency services guaranteed once.

Not only has it been discovered that a majority of the calls are inappropriate; people misuse the 999 system somehow believing it to be those counselling hotlines, weather forecasting contacts, or the pets and pest control experts. Such hoax calls actually holds up callers with genuine emergencies. If crews and vehicles are called for such minor problems, it handicaps the system and delays the process of taking care of those who are in real need for help. Thus, dialling 999 only means that you have to wait for a saviour only after the appropriate cases have been recognised.

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Are Dogs Good For Home Security?

Posted on 17 May 2013 In: Security Thoughts

dog sleeping while burglar stealing tv

Among the many tricks to counter those of burglars and housebreakers, dogs are considered to be a valuable one, such that they are used as a crime deterrent further to being the house pet. Most definitely, those “beware of dog” signs are sometimes enough to scare any ordinary individual, so the actual beast must be an efficient crime deterrent. Indeed, burglars’ main concern is to enter and leave your house with a huge prize, but above all, being able to do so unnoticed and unscathed remains of greater priority. Therefore, they are easily deterred by noisy, aggressive and hostile dogs. However, do not get your hopes up. Your dog, and you, might be barking up the wrong tree.

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Are you using Panic Guard yet?

Posted on 13 May 2013 In: Security Thoughts

The PanicGuard App - Sign Up For Free

You would probably know how annoying alarms can be when that shrill sound wakes you up, hauling you out of your dreams in the morning. However, there is something even more infuriating, though fortunately it is not targeted at you, but rather at criminals! Indeed, there are also safety alarms which can be the worse sounds a criminal would want to hear in their own nightmares…Technological progress will never fail to surprise us- and it has actually brought about a security solution in the form of a personal alarm on your smartphone!

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Fake Cameras Fake Security

Posted on 5 May 2013 In: Security Thoughts

fake cameras fame security ressage to UK homeowners and businesses

Nowadays, coming up with all sorts of anti-burglary tactics is a must considering the spiralling crime rate. Individuals are ready to try every possible option, invest in myriad sophisticated and up-to-date equipment, and hope those savvy and equally up-to-date burglars do not know how to go beyond those well set barriers with their tricks. So, some people have even tried to experience with a few magical tricks themselves. Indeed, if they were going to resort to every possible solution, they might as well try to do it with the same efficiency though at the least cost. A trick that is tried and tested by many is the use of cameras. Though unlike those high-tech, high-priced cameras that are ubiquitously marketed, these are fake cameras. These fake cameras aka Dummy Cameras, are non-functional gadgets designed to deceived intruders rather than vice versa. They range from fake plastic toy-like devices to disguised motion sensors including flashing lights or pan-tilt motion. It is worth knowing that some shops even sell the fake counterpart of their security cameras product range.

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Carbon Credit Fraud - First London Prison Sentence

Environment investments are being marketed as a risk-free way to make easy money. The fundamental idea of carbon trading was that companies are able to trade a certificate or permit representing the right to emit one tonne of carbon dioxide or the mass of another greenhouse gas with a carbon dioxide equivalent .  “Rational investors” are undoubtedly tempted to buy products that can be traded to companies in a legitimate market. However, it is indeed too good to be true… Though the aim of this scheme was to give firms a financial incentive to go into green technologies, Carbon Credit Trading has become one of the most notorious scam of 2013.

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