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Security Thoughts Category

  Coping with the aftermath of crime victimisation has never been an easy feat. Robbery can be a traumatic experience and affects people differently. During a robbery you might not feel affected immediately, especially if you follow the necessary security measures as mentioned in Business Robbery Part 1. However, some victims may delay in reacting […]

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Although all sorts of preventive methods are devised to deter robbers, including the best and robust security measures, criminals still find a way to counter those. Therefore it is also necessary to prepare yourself in the event of a robbery. In order to minimise risk during such an incident, the following guidelines can be helpful:

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  Just like burglars can access your house in the blink of an eye, it takes only a few moments for some easy steps to ensure the security of your family from housebreakers. In most cases, it is your own carelessness that invites burglars into your house, and making you their prey. After all, most […]

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Landscaping Home Security Ideas

Posted on 2 Dec 2013 In: Security Thoughts

For sure, a big barking dog, sophisticated security gadgets and up-to-date locks will definitely contribute to your home’s safety. However, a rather straightforward method of providing security to your property is easily overlooked by many. In fact, the area that surrounds your house is also very much part of your property and plays a big […]

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Top 5 Burglar’s Favourite Items

Posted on 24 Nov 2013 In: Security Thoughts

  Burglars have a tough job: they have to hurry through your property and take away as many stuff as possible within a limited time period, trying to be faster than the Temple Run game’s characters! Hence, they have to grab as many portable and valuable items as quick as possible – their favourites.

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Marking your Property

Posted on 17 Nov 2013 In: Security Thoughts

Territorials are referred to animals of a specific species which are known to defend their territory against conspecifics. Not unlike territorials, human beings are also known to protect their property. However, the method of doing so differs significantly, of course. While territorials use Scent Marking, Visual or Auditory, people generally tend to use sophisticated gadgets […]

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Flats and Apartments Security

Posted on 4 Nov 2013 In: Security Thoughts

Ironically, a burglar might be the best one to point out the weaknesses in your home security. You may feel assured that burglars are less likely to visit your flat or apartment as compared to a detached house. However, it does not eliminate the possibility of you getting burgled. In fact, burglars may be tempted […]

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Jewellery – Burglar’s Favourites

Posted on 20 Oct 2013 In: Security Thoughts

  Although magpies are renowned for their uncanny ways of being attracted to shiny objects, burglars actually tend to have the same “magpie syndrome” when it comes to jewelleries. With a constant increase in demand and price, jewelleries are no doubt burglars’ favourites. In order to protect your valuables from those snatchers- both burglars, and […]

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Our Burglary Summary

Posted on 10 Oct 2013 In: Security Thoughts

  This article gives an overview of all that you need to know about burglaries and their perpetrators in the event of having to face them someday- for the danger exists no matter how much the figures may be shrinking in size. The attacks may be faced by less people, but it does not mean […]

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Retail Business Security Tips

Posted on 1 Oct 2013 In: Security Thoughts

  Potential issues can occasionally arise that threaten the running of your retail business. However, one of most threatening issue could be the risk of being burgled. Rather than face the risk of being a victim of these criminals, it is of utmost priority to analyse your vulnerability and the ways that can lessen these […]

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